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Mirrored Furniture


The ultimate in sparkle and pizazz, mirrored furniture is as indulgent and opulent as it gets. We are proud to be one of Australia’s largest retailers of mirrored furniture, what can we say, we love the WOW factor that it brings to any room. The play of light and reflections adds a unique and luxurious element to any space, creating depth and multiple dimensions of interest. Our elegant aged antique mirrored dressing tables, cabinets, buffets, armoires and bedside tables bring a touch of Parisienne charm and sophistication with ornate yet simplistic detailing. The modern, sleek and simple lines of the mirrored drawers, mirrored coffee tables and consoles showcase the contemporary yet effortless Manhattan chic style inspired by the roaring 20s and Hollywood glamour. Mirrored furniture is in itself multi-faceted in the styles it can evoke, with the ornate details and curved lines lending beautifully to the Art Deco furniture style and Oriental glamour. Whatever you decide, these key pieces are the crème de la crème.