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Throw Pillows Vinita Velvet Cushion - Lapis
Throw Pillows Vinita Velvet Cushion - Lapis



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Craft your perfect sleep sanctuary with our customisable bedding bundles! Mix, match, and build your dream bed using our vibrant linen collection. Simply add the items to your cart and the discount is applied at checkout.

Welcome treasure hunters to Vavoom!

Your go-to destination for some of Australia’s most iconic brands. Our high-quality furniture and vibrant homewares will make your space sing with joy. With a passion for colour and a commitment to craftsmanship, we curate an eclectic collection that brings life, energy, and charm to your home. We believe that every piece should tell a story and ignite your imagination. Join us on this delightful journey and let your home reflect the vibrancy that is you!

You can view our furniture and homewares online and in person at our Abbotsford showroom.

How to Perfect the Eclectic Decor Look

How to Perfect the Eclectic Decor Look

Eclectic decor is all about breaking the rules and embracing individuality. It's about blending various periods, textures, colours, and patterns to create a space reflecting your personality and telling a story. At the sur...
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furniture and homewares online

The Psychology of Colour in Interior Design and Styling

We’re big believers that every hue tells a story and that each and every shade has the potential to spark conversation. Interior design and styling are not just about fulfilling a functional role - it’s more about creating...
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