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The Rise of Hyper-Pink; as Inspired by the Barbie Movie

The knockout success of Mattel’s motion picture film, Barbie, has been hard to ignore. Debuting in Australia a little over a month ago, it’s impact is already considerable, breaking box office records and dominating discourse both online and IRL. Naturally, it comes as no surprise to find the Barbie effect trickling into our everyday lives. Global trend forecasters, WGSN, aptly coined it’s influence on fashion and interiors a ‘Hyper-Pink’ sensation, and truthfully… they’re not wrong! Online, searches for pink sofas, blankets and artworks are at an all time high, according to data scientists.

Collectively, at Vavoom we’re a team of colour enthusiasts, and couldn’t be more excited about this cultural phenomenon. Hyper-Pink is more than just an aesthetic - it’s an electrifying shade of vibrant pink that brings a world of excitement with it. We love to see a shift away from the monotonous tones of minimalism. It’s not just a colour, but a vibrant hue of self expression and boldness that pairs perfectly with our eclectic sense of style.


Incorporating Barbie’s Hyper-Pink into your home is all about making a statement. You can approach the trend gently by swapping out a couple of your smaller softing furnishings, such as our Drum Lampshade Peonies Fuchsia, a true pink sensation, or our Tula Nudie Bath Mat by Sage and Claire. Just a small injection Hyper-Pink is enough to get the dopamine going! 

If you’re keen and willing to lean a little harder into the momentum, we suggest taking a look at the Petit Swivel Chair – Hot Pink. It’s not hard to imagine this one in Barbie’s dream house! Composed of a beautifully tactile crushed pink velvet, we’re willing to bet you’ll have a hard time getting out of it. For those bigger purchases (like this gorgeous pink swivel chair!) buying lounges or sofas online can be a little daunting, take a moment to read our blog post on the benefits of buying online, for ultimate peace of mind. 


Much loved Vavoom favourites,
Kip & Co, have come to the Barbie party with a matching set of glass tumblers, in (you guessed it) pink! Not only a practical addition to the home (use them as regular drinking glasses or stemless wine glasses) but they make for a great decor piece. Don’t pack these ones away in a cupboard, rather shine a light on them and display them on a shelf front and center. Such an easy way to incorporate Hyper-Pink into your home, at little investment. 

Whether you’re planning on creating your very own real life Barbie dream house or just looking to partake in a fun interior trend, there’s something this Hyper-Pink sensation can offer everyone. It’s fun, nostalgic sense of optimism is absolutely a trend we can get around - a total whimsical dream! 

Check out our full collection of eclectic and vibrant homewares at our Melbourne showroom, our team of in house stylists are well equipped to Barbie-fy your home.

You can find our Melbourne Showroom at:

294-296 Hoddle Street
Abbotsford, Victoria

Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.00pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm


Not able to access us in person? Not a worry, we’ve got an extensive catalogue of homewares, storage and sofas online that we can ship anywhere in Australia, no dramas.


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