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Six Reasons to Shop Online for Furniture in Australia

There was a time not long ago when shopping online was met with immense reservations. At this point, we were far from ordering a new couch or table. Online carts were quickly filled with dresses, jackets and shoes before being abandoned - what if it didn’t quite fit? What if it’s not actually that colour? As much as we wanted to harness this modern way of shopping, we resisted placing an order with brands we didn’t know, on platforms we were yet to trust.

Fast forward to now, when shopping online has come a long way, as has our willingness to participate (we see you Vavoom shopaholics 👀). These days, we spend more time perusing online stores and curating a shortlist than we do bouncing from comfy couch to rock-solid mattress in person. While many of us enjoy visiting our favourite showrooms (and we love having you), the convenience factor of online shopping is just too hard to beat.

Beyond convenience, there’s an entire list of reasons that justify shopping for furniture online in Australia, especially when we have such an array at Vavoom. It's time to find out why so many people today are going the online route when furnishing their homes. 


1. Online shopping presents unmatched variety.

Even if you muster the energy to wander your furniture locale, you’re still limited to a handful of stores. When you’re shopping online, the world is your oyster. You have access to every single furniture supplier that ships to your location!

For those looking to maximise freedom of choice, this is a no-brainer. If you pride yourself on the minute details of your interior, it’s highly likely you’ll find exactly what you want amidst vast online catalogues.


2. More competition means competitive pricing.

When a supplier goes online, they place themselves in the centre of a very competitive market. This is good news for customers on the hunt for high-quality but affordable furniture. Our advice? Just be careful that you don’t sacrifice quality in the furniture hunting process! Even products that look the same are often not constructed from the same materials to the same standard. Skip to #6 for tips on quality control…


3. You see it. You want it. You got it.

Another beauty of online browsing is the sheer volume of products you can peruse! We love our showroom, but nothing quite compares to our online catalogue.  If we tried to showcase everything from the Vavoom online store, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish Kip & Co’s latest bedding from Jai Vasicek’s ceramic wall art.

Now imagine we tried to display every piece of furniture… in every available finish. It’d be a catastrophic mess, dressed in black, white and brass (a beautiful one, of course, but still a mess). Shop online for furniture in Australia, and you’re able to view all available stock with the click of a button. You needn’t settle for what’s in the showroom; what’s packaged out back, or available at the neighbouring store. It’s as simple as selecting your ideal colour via Vavoom’s drop-down feature.


4. It’s time-saving and accessible anywhere, anytime.

In a dream world, we’d be able to pause life to complete our taxes. To console our kids’ after a hard day at school. To furnish our homes in our own time… with peace, creativity and lack of pressure. Unfortunately, this isn’t the world we live in. Most of us are also juggling ten other things at once when furnishing our homes.

For this reason, it makes sense to have someone package your couch while you sleep. It makes sense to place an order while you’re on your lunch break. It also makes sense to have the Bjorn Arch Mirror delivered directly to your door, relieving any need to play Tetris in the back of the car. 


5. Impeccable customer service.

As online shopping has developed, so too has the need for highly built-out customer service teams. Vavoom is a fine example. When you contact us, you’ll be referred directly to one of our team members, who boast an in-depth understanding of our stock and who are well-equipped to assist with any queries, product or shipping-related questions. 

We’ll respond within Australian business hours via phone (1300577079), and are available 24/7 via e-mail. The online shopping experience at Vavoom is as personal and seamless as a visit in-store.


6. Reviews (and social media) are a click away.

One of the greatest perks of online shopping? You have complete access to context. Context around the supplier. Context around a product. If for some reason, you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of us until now (it’s okay, we forgive you!), brand ambiguity can be solved in a matter of seconds.

You can analyse innumerable customer testimonials via Google Reviews. You can even identify popular items, and gather inspiration from how locals are styling their furniture via Instagram. This insight is invaluable and impossible to garner when you shop in-store.

It’s true, even the fairest assistant is bound to be a little biased. What about Joe from Brisbane, Sally from Melbourne and Michelle from Sydney? Their opinions matter too. Reviews are all-telling about underrated details, like how the Maxwell Coffee Table actually arrives, and whether it stands the test of time. This information is just as vital as discerning the real-life colour of the Zeta Velvet Occasional Chair.

When time is pressing (and even when it’s not), you shouldn’t be afraid to shop online for furniture in Australia. It’s true that the digital experience is just as reliable as the physical one in 2022 – or we wouldn’t have a business! So long as you’re doing your research and ordering with established and trusted stores like Vavoom, nothing stands in the way of you and a successful furniture haul.

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