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Vavoom Gift Cards Terms and Conditions

When purchasing, or using a Vavoom Gift Card, please review and adhere to the following terms and conditions. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us on 1300 577 079. 

Terms and Conditions: 
You may use gift cards as payment for products on www.vavoom.com.au. We may email vouchers and electronic gift cards to you. We accept no liability for errors in the email address provided to us. We assume no liability for the loss, theft or illegibility of gift cards. In the event of fraud, an attempt at deception or in the event of the suspicion of other illegal activities in connection with the redemption of gift cards on the site, we are entitled to close your account and/or require a different means of payment. We may also void the validity of the gift card and refund you accordingly to the same method used for payment. 
Conditions for the redemption of gift cards
Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash. If the credit of a gift card is insufficient for the order you wish to make, you may make up the difference through payment by other means (but not by using another voucher or attempting to rely on any other offer). 
Gift cards are applied to your order as a whole. Accordingly, in circumstances where multiple products are purchased using a gift card, and one or more products are returned, the discount is applied on a pro rata basis to each product for the purpose of establishing refund values.