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Shop Now. Pay Over 4 Interest-Free Payments.

It’s so simple, quick and easy to sign up and get started. Create an account with AfterPay, this will give you your limit (usually $1000 is the maximum) and you can start shopping online. It works very similarly to ZipMoney. Only it calculates your payment over 4 separate repayments and will tell you how much you owe per month, week or fortnight.

So you can enjoy your product while paying it back.
How good is that?

What is Afterpay?

is the latest revolution in online payments. Millions of websites are adding it as a great payment option to offer flexibility to their customers. Think of it like Paypal, only with a twist.

So what's the difference?

One significant thing! Afterpay breaks up your payments into four easy to manage interest-free payments. That's right, you don't pay a cent for this new type of lay-buy. VAVOOM pays Afterpay a commission of the sale. You don't pay anything for a whole heap of benefit. Payments are made automatically every fortnight.

I'll buy everything, what's the limit?!

Whoa, Nelly! Right now Afterpay is limited to purchases under $1,000. This is likely to be a temporary thing before they allow larger purchases. Feel free to do several purchases under $1,000 if necessary.

Can I choose the number of payments?

Nope! Four and only four. You also can't change the time scale for payments either. It's four payments, with payments spaced every fortnight (so 8 weeks total to repay). Easy for everyone to understand, right?

When does the first payment come out of my bank account?

It depends...if it is the first time you're using Afterpay, the first payment will come off straight away. If you are a regular, it may not.

Do I have to do anything? It sounds like it might be a pain

Trust us, it's anything but. Simply fill in the quick registration once to get going, and then use Afterpay across a ton of the best websites in Australia. Each time you want to use it after registration, you just login, and you're ready to go.

Sounds amazing! Is it safe?

Yep, and then some. Their website quotes their service as being "...the highest level of security in the payment industry."

OK, I'm excited. So how do I buy with Afterpay?

  1. Browse VAVOOM, find a product you like (under $1,000)
  2. Add it to basket
  3. Go through checkout as you usually would, adding your shipping address etc.
  4. Select Afterpay as your payment method
  5. Follow the prompts to sign in or register
  6. Checkout with Afterpay
  7. Get your delivery ASAP (standard delivery times), but pay it off across four interest-free repayments at fortnightly intervals.

For further information about Afterpay, it's best to check this page on their website.

Otherwise, get shopping!