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Industrial Furniture


Raw, rough and unpolished, that’s how we like it. Inspired by loft living, factory conversions and warehouse aesthetics, the rustic and unfinished nature of the industrial furniture style focuses on the upcycling and repurposing of unexpected solid materials such as reclaimed and recycled boatwood timber to create pieces that focus on the history and narrative behind each individual piece. What we love most about this edgy style is how easily in transcends from urban apartments and homes to the commercial industry including offices, cafés and restaurants. Industrial office desks with solid metal trimming, rustic tables and open faced shelving on castors, bookcases and entertainment units create an exciting modular storage system that can be tailored to your room’s specific needs. Tractor stools, exposed pipes and brickwork, chunky iron accents and leather aviator furniture add to this masculine style, creating that ‘mancave’ experience that is tough and bold, a bit like the Chuck Norris of furniture.