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Vavoom’s Guide to Hunting For Bedside Table Lamps

Here’s the thing: we rarely appreciate the importance of the right table lamp, until we invest the last of our budget in the wrong one. Been there, done that - don’t wish to repeat the journey. To avoid this, we’re here to shed light (pun intended) on the common mistakes we see shoppers make when pursuing the perfect bedside table lamps. 

A successful table lamp has the ability to unite your bedroom - it should bring ample balance and unity to the space, plus design value and convenience (we’re looking at you late-night readers and Netflix bingers).

Above all else, there’s one thing we all have in common - the shared hatred for getting out of bed once you’re in. This is a task that deserves its place in the too-hard basket - if you find yourself a charming yet functional table lamp, there’s no reason to move an inch.

We suggest taking time with your decision, and reading up on our dos + don’ts, before filling your cart with the perfect accent piece. It’s time to match your taste for linen with your tact for lighting, thanks to Vavoom. 


Do experiment with a unique base. 

Too often we let the lamp shade do all the talking. As it turns out, a stylized base has plenty to say and can truly elevate the interest of conversation. Take the Patricia Table Lamp with its champagne palm tree base - this lamp combines natural references with a glamorous finish for a contemporary, coastal look. It plays into the overall aesthetic of the room in an effortless, easy fashion. 

If you’re someone who changes your bedding according to the season, get ready to upgrade your lamp shade accordingly - opt for an intriguing base, and have fun as you swap out minimal, affordable lamp shades every few months. A strong base will always carry the room. 

Do pay attention to the size of your bedside table. 

This is one of the most common mistakes we see at Vavoom. If you’re buying bedside table lamps for the first time, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to measure the size of your table. You might be wondering: how tall is too tall? How small is too small? These wouldn’t be silly questions - the answer is dependent entirely on the surface area and size of your table. Always feel free to approach our team about recommendations tailored to you. 

Don’t be afraid to reach out, for there’s nothing worse than taking a guess in-store and returning home with a lamp that feels entirely out of place. Go too big and you’ll spend your life trying to balance your book with your cup of tea and alarm clock - go too small and you’ll wonder why you bothered at all. Save yourself the stress and talk to our team about how to honour best practices.

Do tailor your decision to your daily routine. 

For some of us, a bedside table is purely ornamental. We never fill the drawers. We rarely place anything atop its surface bar our phone or book. For others, our bedside table is crucial to carrying out a seamless morning or evening routine. 

Before you commit to a lamp, consider how you’ll be using the light. If you’re not too concerned about reading, an artsy option like the Seville Table Lamp is certainly fitting. If ample (and well-directed) light is important to your regular habits, go for something more traditional like the Penelope Table Lamp


Don’t forget about the lamp to shade ratio. 

If this is the first time you’re encountering this rule, don’t worry! We’ll get you up to speed in no time. As a rule of thumb, we recommend a lamp shade that’s ⅓ of the size of your lamp - especially if you’re leaning towards a stylish base like the Jasper Lamp, the last thing you want to do is conceal the most important part. Keep Vavoom’s recommended ratio in mind, and there’s no reason your base won’t marry well with your shade. 

Don’t ignore the size of your room. 

It’s not just that your lampshade could invalidate your base. How about the potential for your entire room to extinguish your lamp? A strong bedside table lamp should inject elegance into our rooms, whilst spreading light as far as we need it. Even if you adore the look of a dainty lamp, it’s worth considering something larger for a sizeable bedroom, because a small lamp will get lost – and you’ll do the same when trying to navigate outside its light. When in doubt, go bigger than you think. 

Don’t be afraid of colour. 

We often gravitate towards black or white, fearing that we might change our minds - what if we wish to refurnish at a later date? 

That thinking is reasonable, but we can’t live our lives (or decorate our bedrooms) from a place of fear. If we do, we’ll never allow our homes to reach their fullest potential - here’s how to find a happy medium:

Look for a bedside table lamp that doesn’t just complement your bedroom, but rather, the feelings, the emotions, the colour palette of your home at large. If your home is filled with coastal inspiration, go coastal. The Cayman Lamp features a soft blue hue and is best suited to an earthy, calming home. 

It’s time to begin your search with Vavoom. Start online, and feel free to pop into the showroom to observe your favourite options in person - count on us to guide you towards the light. And on that note, we’ll stop with the lighting puns when you stop reading this blog and start shopping. Deal?

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