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TREND ALERT: Speckled Terazzo

terrazzo trend interiors art abstract speckled stone marble vavoom interior design

It's a bold nod to the free-loving modernist movement of the 60's but like all full-circle trends it's writing its own unique story in this day and age. No longer is terrazzo just the domain of retro pool tiles and Art Deco bench tops: the “maximalist marble” look is being cleverly incorporated into many home accessories and décor trends this season and cementing itself firmly as the Carrara marble of 2018.

interior design bathroom mosaic terrazzo coral trend vavoom inspiration blog

Invented in 15th century Venice as a way of using up scraps of marble, this moreish mosaic texture is making a mega-comeback. The name itself is named from the Latin ‘terra’ meaning earth and Italian word for ‘terrace’. Ciao darlings!

terrazzo stairs trend architecture interiors vavoom inspiration materials trend 2018

Originally a popular choice for floors everywhere in the 1960s and 1970s it is being reworked in the trendiest of homes as well as into décor accessories such as homewares, planters, textiles and even shower curtains.

terrazzo interiors trend shower curtain abstract modern homewares vavoom blog

We amore the chunky, modernist ability for Terrazo to be moulded into minimal shapes and placed into spaces such as walls, floors, kitchens, tabletops and bathrooms.

terrazzo wall covering wallpaper interiors trend office desk vavoom blog inspiration

The natural earthiness of this quintessentially Italian trend, especially the versatility of the chips from marble, glass and stone come up in a myriad of colours and materials, Mother Natures take on confetti! It gives the neutral base tones a splash of colour, giving oomph to more subdued pallets of cream, off-white, stone and warm blush.

iphone case interiors blog trend terrazzo inspiration vavoom

terrazzo design trend bathroom inspiration design nika buzko vavoom interiors blog

The pattern itself is a bit like the perfect boyfriend; abstract, unique, bold but never overbearing or in your face. It just lets your décor be! We are crushing over Max Lambs epic dedication to this trend in his conceptual bathroom design, probably the coolest dunny we have seen for decades. 

Max lamb terrazzo interior design trend vavoom inspiration bathroom design toilet

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