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TREND ALERT: Furniture with a Former Life

We are living in an age of fast-moving, flat-packed and disposable furniture. We see it everyday in the sad piles of chairs, tables and bookshelves that adorn the streets on hard-rubbish day. A graveyard of furniture pieces left on the wayside feeling defeated and very sorry for themselves.

reclaimed furniture dining table interiors trend industrial sustainable eco conscious timber repurposed

Trending for 2018 (and we hope for much longer!) is a desire to be more sustainable and eco-conscious in our purchasing decisions. This thought process has given rise to the exciting and forward-thinking furniture trend of upcycling and recycling timber furniture. This is definitely not a new trend, we began seeing this trend in commercial fit-outs of cafes and restaurants to add texture and interest to spaces while still keeping to tight budgets.

distressed buffet sideboard industrial reclaimed repurpossed scandinavian industrial modern splayed timber solid wood

There wasn’t a café in Brunswick that lacked some spare wrought iron Singer sewing machine part attached to something. But now we are seeing this trend take steps forward in residential furniture too by taking current trends and lines to make these salvaged pieces elegant and relevant. We are seeing quality upcycled timbers in modern Scandinavian lines and minimal designs to create hard-wearing and sustainable products built to last. We are also seeing the use of ethnic patterns and designs to add to the extremely popular Ethnic/African trend.


interiors trend recycled boatwood upcycled industrial timber furniture sideboard dining table

The salvaged boats above are used to create our beautiful Edito and Loft ranges below

edito tv sideboard recycled boatwood industrial upcycled timber trend

The wood, with its natural age, gives the furniture unmatched character with slight imperfections that tell a story about the journey of the materials used before. There is something unique about furniture that has a narrative, a former life far beyond its current purpose. It is our wanderlust that brings us closer to these textures and tones and lets our furniture speak of memories and experiences. It transcends the living room or bedroom and takes us on a global journey. We have a beautiful range of recycled and salvaged boat wood furniture that transports you miles away from Melbourne to the shores of some picturesque and exotic country. 

recycled dining table industrial trend reclaimed bridge timber solid wood furniture trend

Let’s face it, there is something super cool about dining on a table that was once part of a bridge! Definitely a conversation starter at your next dinner party, oh and you’re saving the planet.

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