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Three of the Best Beds: If You Could Date Your Bed, Who Would You Choose?

The boudoir is by far the most personal space in your home and choosing your bed should be a bit like choosing a life-partner. We have three of our best selling solid timber beds on a massive 15% off that are available in a variety of finished including oak, teak and walnut. Don't take our word for it, this is what their Tinder profiles would say about them:

1. The Twist Bed

twist bed minimal vavoom interiors karpenter bed solid timber oak teak stone washed linen denim

Good for: Our most popular fun Scandinavian inspired solid timber bed is all about sleek and minimal lines with soft rounded curves making it look and feel like you’re sleeping on a airy modern cloud. This bed loves to stay on trend with stone-washed grey linens, blush and light blue tones. It is a real crowd pleaser of a bed, you will want your friends to meet this one!

Pairs well with: White or metal bedside tables. Knitted, chunky throws, denim and stone-washed linens

Favourite colours: Blush, Nude, Blue, Grey

Dislikes: Frills and lace

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2. The Vintage Bed

vintage solid timber bed scandinavian vavoom karpenter oak teak walnut sounds like home

Good for: This is an elegant and modern solid timber bed that echoes the mid-century modern Scandinavian design. It has a refined and classic feel to it that suits a Hamptons, Coastal or Modern bedroom setting. This is a timeless design choice and you will want your parents to meet this one!

Pairs well with: Rich dark velvets, stripes, tassels, eclectic prints, African patterns and textured cushions

Favourite colours: Navy blue, cream, bottle green, burgundy

Dislikes: Polka-dots and spots

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3. The Brooklyn Bed

brooklyn karpenter sounds like home interiors solid timber beds vavoom bedroom industrial scandinavian

Good for: This industrial inspired bed oozes the recycled timber trend of a New York loft while still enjoying a Nordic and Scandinavian design ethos and quality. It is a fresh and bold statement furniture piece which is fresh and funky. This is the bed you want to share a snazzy cocktail with!

Pairs well with: Aviator, industrial and vintage bedside tables, black and white photography, open storage units, castors, lofts and warehouse conversions

Favourite colours: Mustard, orange, green and black and monochrome

Dislikes: Florals and anything too pretty

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