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The Dos and Don'ts of Eclectic Furniture Styling

Life is fun when you’re a lover of eclectic furniture - whether you’re treasure hunting for that one-of-a-kind piece; dedicating weekends to rummaging through garage sales, or checking out our latest eclectic furniture pieces at the Vavoom showroom.

One could argue there’s no wrong way to enjoy eclectic furniture. We’ve got some shopping tips to keep your wandering eye from going entirely astray. You see - an eclectic home can still possess a level of structure and cohesion. The best designs in our opinion, are those that balance creativity, innovation, interest, and unity, simultaneously. 

Before we dive into eclectic styling 101, let’s begin by defining eclectic furniture (and yes, it’s something we really love). This refers to a collection of pieces that are derived from unique time periods. If you’re well-versed in our online emporium - you’ll know that we celebrate a variety of styles at Vavoom, all the way from vintage to minimalist. 

Eclectic interiors aren’t only defined by diverse time periods - they are also a combination of mixed prints, patterns, colours, textures and tones. The more layers of interest, the more eclectic the space. Consider eclectic styling similar to choosing the very best of your favourite interior styles. Why box yourself in, when you can have a slice of it all? 

There really is an art to ensuring we don’t just chuck a bunch of furniture in a room and create a jumbled mess. Every eclectic setting has this in common: it’s thoughtfully curated. Despite the presence of a number of stylistic references, there’s always a theme or pattern - now would be a perfect time to identify yours! 

Keep reading to discover more tips for creating a successful eclectic space: 

Do: Build around a focal point. 

Just because you favour diversity doesn’t mean that you need to accept the presence of chaos. Choosing a focal point provides a much-needed sense of flow within a busy, character-filled room. This is how we’re able to navigate a bohemian, free-flowing space with ease. 

Our design eye is always looking for a statement piece to land on, so why not make the pursuit easier? Start with a centrepiece - that might be a seriously smooth sofa, like the Kennedy Beckett 3-Seater. This heavenly lounge must-have draws inspiration from the minimalist era with its plush, elegantly-curved design. 

Maybe your coffee table is your preferred centrepiece - the Larken Bone Inlay Coffee Table is certainly a favourable choice with its incredibly unique pattern and handcrafted detailing. 

Whatever your focal point, make sure it’s full of character and speaks to the feeling that you’d like to carry throughout the rest of the room.

Remember that every other piece of furniture is going to work around and complement the focal point you choose. If you can, avoid picking more than one - too many show-stoppers and you’ll land yourself with an absolute mishmash of a room – not an eclectic masterpiece. 

Don’t: neglect a core colour palette. 

Another common mistake when curating an eclectic home is assuming that you’ve got complete free reign. Remember - you want to add creativity and style, but you also want to honour certain boundaries. These ensure that we don’t lose sight of our “north star” when hunting for our dream décor. 

The trick is to select a core colour palette from the get-go - this should be no more than 2-4 colours that provide a base for your room. When paired together, they should promote a unified feeling of calmness, passion, curiosity, or romance. Within these 2-4 colours, you should be able to distinguish primary tones (those that will occupy the majority of the room) and accent tones (remaining shades that will merely season your space, per se). 

When it comes to hunting for the ultimate eclectic furniture, a core colour palette is going to keep you honest. You’ll know precisely what you’re searching for, you won’t be vulnerable to distraction, and you’ll know when you can (or can’t) afford to make trade-offs. 

Do: consider what your home already brings. 

Be wary of incidentally investing too much in a single style of furniture. Remember that the goal is to curate an eclectic setting here, so if you’ve already invested in a rather minimalist home, the answer is not to buy more minimalist furniture. In order to balance your space, you’ll want to lean slightly more towards industrial or retro furniture. 

On the contrary, if your home is traditional, you might place your focus on modern or glamour to enhance the overall effect of your space. Be mindful - you shouldn’t feel the need to fill every gap with an opposing style. For optimal results - let your home, your furniture, and your sense of style breathe. 

Don’t: forget a personalised gallery. 

Now let’s assume you’ve trawled through some of the best furniture in the Vavoom emporium – and you’re happy as Larry with the place you call home. Only there’s a blank canvas wall ready to be adorned with eclectic artwork from our range.

Don’t forget that when curating a stylised home, it’s not just what’s on the floor that counts or everyday items. The most discerning eyes know the importance of looking up - be sure to meet their eyes with a fascinating, highly-customised display. 

As for a great place to start, check out our mini tiles by Jai Vasicek. They really are the missing piece(s) to many eclectic homes. 

Don’t forget to tag @vavoom_interiors when your wild and wonderful interior is complete. We can’t wait to see what you do with the place!

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