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The Dark Side: 5 Wickedly Ways to Decorate Your Home in Black

black on black furniture interiors vavoom design black trends glossBlack is big this season! We're not sure if it is all the black popping up in the industrial-inspired cafe's and restaurants or if it's the grunge in all of us that is making its mark on interior design trends and furniture inspiration. It’s no surprise that the black hole is actually black! Black is a boldly recessive colour and can literally swallow everything in its wake leaving no space for any other colour! Do not fear though, we have some great ways to use the dark forces for good and to push the black on black trend from the outer galaxy and into your home

Let's Talk About Texture Baby

Texture, texture and more texture. Did we mention texture? By mixing gloss blacks with matte blacks and textured surfaces you allow light to play on black and add depth and dimension to the flatness that black can create. Think tasseled and woven cushions, rugs and throws. Think marble topped side tables, black tinted mirrors, black velvet linen and glossy black porcelain. You can also use a variety of darker shades of grey like charcoal and dark concrete to continue this textured experience. Our Kip and Co velvet bed-linen range is ideal to recreate this look.

charcoal kip velvet linen black on black trend vavoom interiors 

Frame it 

Using thin black minimal lines you can add interest and dimension to your decor. Think of it as a delicate black frame around your negative space. We love these use of black framed glass interior divisions, black-framed mirrors, sleek black legged coffee tables and consoles like our Hugo and long and thin black accessories. It’s very Scandi and ultra minimal. Trust black to be sleek and slender in its design ethos, so Coco Chanel!

minimal sleek black interiors vavoom black on black trend

Big Boss Gloss 

Black gloss is still shaking the kitchen world! But don’t let gloss cabinetry be the only way you utilise the Queen of Darkness. Try using glossy black marble, granite and glass to splash backs, bathrooms and even furniture. The light bouncing off glassy black surfaces and stones will keep your design fresh and give it an ultra-luxurious feel. In furniture combine gloss with matte and amazing things happen. A great way to DIY is use gloss based spray-paint to jazz up old mirrors. We also love how the glossy texture bounces off our original black Bentwood chairs.

kitchen design black textures gloss matte

glossy mirror black bentwood chairs vavoom interiors oversized diy glossy black

Play with proportion and shapes 

Black is very much in vogue this season but furniture and homeware tend to blend together very easily, so keep the eye interested by playing with proportion. Huge oversized accent chairs with thin and minimal side tables have that David & Goliath thing going for them. The differences in shape and height keep the eye excited and the colour keeps the design unified and grounded. Also, using mixed design dining chairs in all black create an exciting, eclectic, forward-thinking ethos while still looking put-together and neat. We love mixing our black bentwood with the black spindle chair and the black twist chair. We love the combination of oversized black industrial light pendants with the handwoven Black Malawi Chair.

oversized pendants interiors malawi chair trends vavoom black

Keep it Simple

Black is a bit of a design beast, you will need to tame it or it will become like that house plant in Little Shop of Horrors (haven’t seen that movie? Well now I feel old!) anyway, I digress! Black can be very visually selfish so try keep your design clean and simple. Opt for textures rather than patterns, keep the black on black in pockets within your space, with breathing room of white or neutral tones. If you do want to add colour to a black on black look keep it to one pattern with black running through the pattern to link it to the black colour scheme. Another great way to utilise black this season is to ground your flooring in black and let light walls bounce light against other black surfaces.

Here at VAVOOM we love every colour as long as it's black! You can easily shop our curated black furniture or black homewares ranges with many gorgeous items on promotion. So grab a piece of the darkness and get this trend to work in your home. 

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