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Spring Tabletop Joy: How to Elevate Your Dining Experience

If there were a season that best encapsules Vavoom, it’s undeniably spring. Full of vibrant colours, florals and new beginnings - it’s practically synonymous! What better way to embrace the season’s beauty than by creating a stunning spring tablescape that elevates your dining experience at home. Did somebody say spring soirée?.

We’re firm believers that your dining table is more than just a place to eat or work from; it’s the meeting point of deep conversation with your nearest and dearest, where homemade meals are   served with love and a glorious blank canvas for you to showcase your personal style. Let us show you how to create the perfect seasonal tablescape, utilising our favourite pieces of eclectic homewares and eclectic furniture.

Build from the Foundations Up

Before you begin designing your spring tabletop, it’s essential to start with a solid base. A cluttered table is definitely not going to spark joy! Next, select the foundation for your design – the tablecloth. Think of it as the backdrop to your masterpiece. We can’t get enough of Kip & Co’s Perfect Posie Linen Tablecloth. “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking” you say. But hear us out. The pattern features the most beautiful springtime posies of orange ranunculus flowers on a magnificent blue green base. We’re suckers for vibrant patterns and eclectic homewares, so if patterned prints aren’t quite for you, consider opting for tablecloths in block colours that still give a hit of dopamine. Kip and Co’s Mustard Linen Tablecloth is the perfect ‘one shade suits all’ that you’ll reach for season after season.

Mix and Match Tableware

Speaking directly to our love for eclectic homeware and eclectic furniture, is the art of mixing and matching your tableware. Here’s where you’ll create a real feast for the eyes (not just the palette) and can add real depth and interest to your scene. Combine patterns, colours, textures and materials to really elevate and personalise your dining space. The key here is to keep a cohesive colour palette or theme (ie all warm tones, or a complete floral bonanza), this will make the setting feel harmonised and balanced as opposed to one great big ol’ mess. We’re currently crushing on the Earl Vessel Yuzu resin tumblers by Sage and Clare. Beautifully sculptural yet functional, the handmade nature of each piece ensures each piece is truly unique. Available in 6 different colours, they’re perfect for mixing and matching!

Light It Up
Lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when designing a tablescape – and please, we implore you to turn those harsh overhead lights off! Colour, temperature and brightness all work together to create an ambient cosy setting. Consider adding some wavy taper candles with your favourite set of candle holders. Our favourite set by Ruby Star Traders feature the sweetest trio of springtime creatures (a bird, squirrel and rabbit) in a heavyweight antique gold. With an almost otherworldly appearance, your guests might wonder if these are the works of an alchemist… Alternatively, a quirky table lamp or pendant light can be a great talking point that’s also functional.

Add Seasonal Accessories

Nothing says spring quite like a big bunch of fresh flowers. Incorporate the beauty of the season with a fresh centrepiece, filled with colours and greenery. Experiment with the arrangement and try separating the blooms across multiple vases or having just one centralised bouquet. Realistically, it can be a bit of a challenge to have fresh blooms in your home all the time, so we really love to invest in high quality faux flowers. Long lasting, no mess and cost effective, they’re the obvious choice for those with a fear of commitment. Our selection by Floral Interiors offers both native Australian botanicals, as well as the failsafe English style blooms. When it comes to styling, we love the look of one flower on mass. Perhaps add in some greenery if you feel, but we usually take a less is more approach from arrangements with more than 1-2 types of flowers. This is generally very pleasing on the eye, and avoids the feeling of chaos.  

Once your spring tablescape is set, take a moment to appreciate your efforts and the beauty of the season. Invite some friends and family to share a meal and of course, raise a toast to spring!


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