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Six Things to Consider Before Buying Home Furniture Online

Online shopping is now the go-to for people worldwide, but while most of us are comfortable buying gadgets, clothes, books, and smaller goods online, something as substantial as home furniture or décor can be trickier.

Furniture is a big investment, and it is only natural that you would feel a little apprehensive about selecting furniture for your home without first-hand experience, and that’s where we come in!

If you’re a little apprehensive about buying furniture online, our support and helpful hints will help you on your way to shopping with confidence for your current (or future) home. With our online range, buying furniture online has never been easier. Read on for some online furniture buying tips - we’ve got you covered ;)

1. Think about the dimensions and the space you have available:

Often the most challenging part of buying furniture online is finding the right size. Before you think about what’s next, consider the space and dimensions you’re working with, and what specific furniture you need. Our product pages detail the exact dimensions of all pieces, but if you do get stuck we’re always here to help. Big ticket items like couches, dining tables and armchairs are especially important to think about – consider the flow of the space and how the new piece will interact with your existing furniture.

2. Tap into our experts if you feel stuck:

Vavoom is run by interior designers and stylists, and we’re proud to offer support services to help you make the best decisions for your interior or exterior project.  We can guide you with everything from size and quality to carefully choosing finishes – don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need any info or advice.

Our interior design team can also give you great tips for buying furniture for new homes according to your inspiration and style.

3. Visualise your furniture, or make a mood board:

Start by drawing inspiration from colours, eras, spaces and light. Using tools like Instagram or Pinterest will help craft your direction, and create your own mood boards that can become your guiding light when online shopping. Take the time to visualise the furniture on your list, so you can figure out what your style is when online browsing. Understanding your aesthetic, direction and the overall space you’re working with are all very important things to consider when buying furniture online.

4. Start with buying smaller items:

If you’re feeling a little nervous about buying larger furniture items online (you’re only human, right?!) opt for smaller homewares you can use to gauge your overall direction. They will add detail and character to your home without being major investments or creating a look that can’t easily be changed. You can browse smaller items in our homewares range here and take your pick from various colours, themes, needs and price points. It’s amazing how these small items will often have a huge impact on how your living space looks and feels.

5. Get organised:

You’ve got your mood board and an idea of the space you’re working with, and maybe you’ve played around with smaller homewares and trinkets that suit your set up. Now it’s time to get organised to ensure the online shopping experience doesn’t become stressful (no thank you!).

We suggest making a list of the furniture items you need – perhaps prioritise these items based on how urgently you need them, your budget constraints or whatever makes the most practical sense. Slowly but surely – or in one big hit – you can tick these items off and piece together your beautiful new space (we’re cheering loudly for you!)

6. Last but not least – don’t forget practicality:

When online browsing and shopping, it’s near impossible to not get distracted by cute colours, interior inspo, and that dream home you’ve screenshotted every room of.

Staying on task when you’re hunting online is important, and same goes for thinking about practicality in your house, or specific rooms. Yes, consider your aesthetic and on-trend pieces, but also think about what makes sense for your lifestyle, habits, budget and people you share your home with - are of these are important things to consider when buying furniture online.

Browse our full range and be sure to check out our Interior Design Services, Styling Consulting Services and FAQs section!

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