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Retail Therapy Without Regrets: A Vavoom Guide to Shopping Online Furniture Stores in Australia

We all have at least one friend who sees hardship as an opportunity for a new hardwood table. Who believes that obstacles are best met with the support of a new ottoman. There’s every chance someone has already sprung to mind. If not, perhaps you’re staring at your own Maxwell Coffee Table and feeling a little called out.

First thing’s first, there’s no need to be ashamed. This is good! Now that it’s all out on the table (pun intended), we can enter February a little more honest and a lot more tactful. After all, there’s nothing distinctly wrong with a little retail therapy, and certainly not when you’re shopping via premium online furniture stores in Australia.

Just because you’re in good hands doesn’t mean it’s impossible to go overboard. This is where Vavoom comes in. We want to help you fashion a home you’re proud of - not one that’s characterised by impulsive purchases. So on that note, we’ve curated a custom guide for making sure that when you do feel the urge to shop, you’re in a position to make smart, strategic decisions.

Here’s how to avoid unnecessary additions and fill your home with timeless pieces from top online furniture stores in Australia!


 1. Know yourself. Stick purely to online stores.

It’s one thing to acknowledge a weakness for furniture shopping. It’s another battle entirely to keep the urge at bay. If you’re already a sucker for retail therapy, take it from us: you’re better sticking to online shopping.

Now we know what you’re thinking. If I’m after a new two-seater sofa, isn’t it logical to explore some in-person options? The honest answer is… no. We must recognise we’re in a slightly vulnerable position here. The last thing we need is someone else to confirm the value of the Malawi Chair in all three shades: Natural, White and Black.

Not every shop assistant has your long-term needs at heart. Place your faith purely in online furniture stores in Australia to secure fast-shipping and to guard yourself from an overly persuasive conversation.

These days, there’s nothing you can’t find online. We would know: we’ve amassed an entire collection of eclectic furniture for nationwide enthusiasts. What’s more, we’ve made it our mission to inform online customers on crucial product details, so they can make well-informed, confident purchases. What we occasionally lack in self control, we always make up for in customer care. Just check out our reviews!


 2. Go in with a budget.

Now just because you’re shopping online, doesn’t mean there’s no need to tread with caution. If you’ve ever lost control when furniture shopping (it’s a safe space here), you’ll know just how easy it is to overload your cart. One item can quickly turn into the absolute reinvention of your home.

Here’s where it pays to have a budget. You can still purchase plenty of high-end pieces for under $1000: the Amara Coffee Table is a perfect example, hand-crafted from old-growth plantation-sourced rattan. It’s one of many signature pieces, available at a rather respectable price at Vavoom.

Bottom line is, if ever you’re worried about spending too much, look out for discounted treasures and enter our world with a pre-devised budget.


3. Allow yourself complete freedom… with bounds.

Now for some of us, having a budget simply isn’t enough. When you’re perusing a well-priced collection like ours, it doesn’t aid to narrow down your options either. Try refining your search to items below $800 and voilà: you’ll still be blessed with plenty to choose from.

It’s a blessing and a curse.

This is where it helps to single out your main priority. Is it a functional bedside table, or a classic set of dining room chairs you need most? Isolate just one category and enjoy the freedom to explore in safe bounds.

You might even wish to narrow down a selected style: Modern, Scandinavian, Glamour, African, Vintage… we do it all at Vavoom. If you’re a lover of several styles, and conscious you might shop a non-sensical mix, select and filter vai the dominant style of your home from the get-go. 


4. Consider whether an item serves a short-term urge, a long-term need – or in the best case scenario, both.

After refining your search, there’s every chance you’ve found what you deem as the perfect piece. You’re not wrong. There are plenty of worthy candidates at Vavoom. The question still stands: does it feel like a life-long kind of love, or does it simply look good right now?

We’re often warned about falling for people who are fun in the moment. We like to recruit the same advice for online furniture shopping. Ask yourself: does the stylish Aruba Flip Side Table reflect how I’d like to style my home in the long-term? Or am I falling for some new-year, trying-to-be-cooler-me trap?

Don’t stop there. Dig even deeper. If you re-styled your home (or reconnected with your former self) in several month’s time, be honest… would the item still have a place? It’s okay if you’re not as contemporary as you think you are! Neither are we. We have a soft spot for industrial pieces that goes way back. It doesn’t make us any less cool: it just means we’re probably better off with the Stella Counter Stool. 


5. Deploy the 24-hour rule.

There’s one more thing you can do to ensure that you’re making a wise investment, and that’s to step away for a healthy 24 hours. Try it, and see what happens.

If you can’t stop thinking about the Santiago Hall Bench, then to us, that’s a sign that it deserves a spot in your home. The theory goes, if you love something beyond a day of deep rumination, you’ll probably still love it for days, weeks and years to come.

And that’s how we manage retail therapy the smart way, here at Vavoom! Feeling confident to carry out your online shopping order? By all means, go ahead and apply this guide to perusing our full furniture range. Let yourself feel good about whichever piece lands in both your cart and your living room.

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