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Our stylist’s 7 best tips for small or large mirror placement in your home

Mirrors can be considered one of the trickier décor items to style in a home – but they don’t have to be!  In fact, a similar sentiment applies when buying a home; the old adage “location, location, location.”

Below you’ll discover some considered tips for how to avoid your mirror placement looking stark or awkward, as well as how to ensure your space remains unique and personalised, rather than straight out of a catalogue!

Mirror styling guiding principles for consideration:

1. Windows

Hanging a small or large mirror opposite a window encourages natural light to refract throughout the room.

This in turn helps to create a feeling of spaciousness and also brings the outdoors in, enhancing the ambience of the room.

Expert tip: placing your mirror in an area where natural light shines through is especially beneficial for dimly lit rooms, as it will maximise and brighten the space!

2. Seeing double

 Have a gorgeous print or artwork on one side of the room? Take the opportunity to use your mirror placement as a tool to reflect it on the opposite side of the room.

You may even wish to choose an intricate or antiqued mirror that can double as a new frame, offering added depth, dimension and a new perspective. 

Our Elisabeth wall mirror frame fits the bill, thanks to intricate and ornate detail and a gorgeous antiqued gold-painted finish with bevelled glass.

3. Use mirrors as artwork

Building off the aforementioned, the right small or large mirror can double as an artwork in itself.

We love the Franklyn oval mirror with gold layered tubing for a stunning, unique point of difference. Despite its old-world charm, this style can lend well to contemporary or classic home styles.

The Flynn round mirror blends simplicity with the unexpected, via its rosy, dusk-tinted mirror for something special and different in your lounge, bedroom or study.

Expert tip: frameless mirrors and single, medium to large statement mirrors give the illusion of space the most.

4. Embrace the unexpected 

Fireplaces have long been a “go-to” place for a mirror to be hung above, however, there is so much room for creativity here when it comes to styling. A rule of thumb is to decorate in groups of three - try pairing your mirror on your mantle with a funky vase with flowers, a pillar candle or two and a stylish book.

While we’re on the subject of mirror trends, symmetry is another longstanding “design rule” that doesn’t need to apply to your mirror placement.

Instead, consider placing a smaller pair or cluster of mirrors on either side. Feel free to mismatch the shape or colour/design for a quirky, eclectic gallery wall style that exudes personal taste.

You can achieve balance and avoid that dreaded over cluttered feeling by keeping the adjacent walls either bare or minimal, or by adding considered, hero pieces to the room.

5. Clever contrasts and unique fits

Who said a mirror has to be hung? If you have a beautiful long piece of furniture like a sideboard, you can place a floor-length mirror next to it against a wall and surround it with thoughtful décor (vases, ornaments, plants, stacked books or similar) to “frame” it. 

Our Flynn geometric mirror in a bright, matte white finish offers a classic, timeless feel, whilst the Cove leaner arch mirror is handcrafted for a truly one-of-a-kind finish and modern touch (thanks to its slimline black framing and natural woodgrain texture). 

6. Empty corners

Placing a mirror in an empty corner of the room is a great way to give depth and create points of interest in the room.

Depending on your design preferences, you can opt for an angular style of mirror, or try something curved and elongated such as our Bjorn oval mirror or Bjorn arch mirror.

Perhaps your space and style may be better suited to a free-standing mirror, such as the Contessa. This mirror blends elements of old with new via its detailed silver/bronze frame. It is as versatile as it is beautiful, and can be hung, propped against a wall, or stood in an empty corner.

7. Feature pieces:

Beds/daybeds, sofas and statement armchairs are all ideal pieces you can use as “anchor points” for your mirror placement. The mirror of your choice can be placed next to the furniture or above it for a grounding effect.

Our Rustic timber bleech mirror is a great example that complements wooden accents in the room and juxtaposes with other metals and materials. It easily adds character and warmth and suits almost any space. 

Find your perfect small or large mirror at Vavoom

At Vavoom, we understand no two homes are the same, which is why we embrace classic, contemporary (and everything in-between) when it comes to mirrors.

We offer an extensive assortment of small, medium and large mirrors in a range of classic shapes, styles and finishes – from circular or rectangular to asymmetrical and woodgrain, brass and more.


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