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Make Your Master Bedroom A Personal Sanctuary with Unique Home Decor From Australia.

Your master bedroom is the most personal space in your home and should be designed like so. 

Unlike communal areas, a bedroom ought to be decorated with your style at the forefront. Every design choice needs to make you happy. You’re the only person (or couple) who will spend a portion of every day in the space - so it should be your sanctuary!

It’s essential to style your bedroom in a way that boosts your energy in the morning and leaves you feeling calm and comforted at night - sounds simple, right? It certainly can be - so long as you avoid these common mistakes when decorating your own bedroom. 


Most of us will direct lots of our attention to the fundamentals, which isn’t inherently a bad thing - it makes sense to consider the bed, drawers, and any other functional items that will occupy the majority of space. That being said, there is ample opportunity outside of these key features (or within them) that often goes underutilised. 

The great news about styling a master bedroom is that small changes can have a grand effect. There’s no need to exhaust your whole budget in order to achieve a design that’s satisfying and authentic to you. The secret is a) knowing the right places to shop for unique home décor in Australia [P.S. if you’re reading this, you’re already two steps ahead], and b) knowing which aspects to focus on in order to effectively finish the room. 

First thing’s first - the bed will always serve as the main feature  so it’s a great place to start when personalising or re-styling your bedroom. There’s nothing like colourful bedding for adding an element of playfulness and personality to your design or the addition of soft furnishings, including blankets and pillows. Soft furnishings can add luxury layers to a space – making it more homely and inviting.

Remember that your doona will form the basis of your colour palette.. An option like the Kip & Co Kaleidoscope Linen Quilt Cover is certainly favourable for those who wish to create a peaceful and relaxing room. Not only will you love cosying up in 100% french flax linen each night, pastel tones have an incredibly soothing effect. 

If you prefer natural tones for an organic and earthy feel, a linen quilt cover in the colour Moss is a great choice. This colour fosters a natural warmth and works well against sheets and pillows of the same or varying tones. Whichever direction you go - pay special attention to your bedding – it really does set the mood for your overall aesthetic. 

We can’t talk about beds and not talk about headboards. A stylish headboard is an incredible (and rather easy) way to elevate your space. An upholstered headboard brings a hint of softness to your space. And before you ask, the answer is yes: upholstered designs are very much trending in glamorous 2022 bedrooms. 

Here at Vavoom, some of the most popular options include the Kennedy Arch Bedhead. It’s easy to see how the Kennedy impacts the luxurious feel of a room, with its plush look and stylish curvature. Rather simple in style, it pairs well with plenty of unique home décor in Australia - so whether you plan to decorate your room all at once, or accumulate accessories over time, you’ll find it’s an effortless match. 

If you have a soft spot for chic interiors just like we do, you’ll love the Lulu Bed Head, a stunning feature piece that attracts many compliments at the Vavoom showroom. We’re confident it’ll have the same effect in your bedroom, courtesy of its petal pink finish.  

Now that you’ve welcomed colour and texture to your bedroom, it’s time to consider lighting. This is yet another way to add depth to your design - we often attribute lighting as the reason a mundane space can adopt atmosphere and ambiance. 

When we layer lighting solutions – combining recessed lighting with floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling fixtures – the result is a stronger sense of warmth and intimacy in your space. This is incredibly important to making your bedroom a welcoming, attractive place to wind down each day. 

Now, just because you can do it all doesn’t mean you should. We recommend selecting two to three lighting options from unique home décor suppliers in Australia. In good news - we fall directly under this category and happen to house a vast collection of floor, table, and hanging lights. 

That includes the unmissable Sheridan Pendant Light- we’ve never come across anything like it – which is usually the impetus to needing an accessory in our emporium. Its turquoise beads guarantee an eclectic outcome for any room - in our eyes, the Sheridan does the best thing a statement piece can do: it demands to be looked at.

Another sought-after solution is the Ostro Brass Floor Lamp. We’re never done being inquired about this gorgeous lamp, and it’s clear why. Destined to stand tall alongside a chest of drawers, or an accent chair, the Ostro Lamp delivers light and flair all at once. 

Now that we’ve catered to warmth and ambience in your bedroom, the final step is to go wild with wall art. This is our favourite way to fill gaping holes with finesse and character. You can go big or small, let one piece run the show, or collate an entire collection of expressive ceramic art. That’s a sure way to peak your own imagination for as long as you occupy your home. 

Our final words before you transform your bedroom? Trust your intuition. Select the décor that feels true to you. Dare to get creative, in a way that still honours your personal taste, style, and desire for comfort. Do this, and your master bedroom is destined to become a highly-personalised haven.

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