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How-to: select the right outdoor furniture online in Australia!

How-to: select the right outdoor furniture online in Australia! 

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve come to your senses. You’re no longer okay to sit back and let your outdoor area become an afterthought. And hey, we’re right there with you. This epiphany is occurring at just the right time, for you’ve got several months yet until warmer weather sets in - let’s use them to curate an alfresco area you absolutely adore! 

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new family home or you’re styling an apartment with a patio for the first time. Or you might be a long-time homeowner, who is officially sick of peering out of the window at a tired, dull backyard - working from home has its perks, but this is definitely not one of them. 

Whichever scenario best relates to you, the point is: you’re here now - you’re ready to make a change. You know what they say, the journey really begins when you admit there’s a problem. In this case, the problem lies with a lack of synergy between the potential of your home, and where it currently sits. 

It’s true - your backyard has every ability to increase the overall value of your home. But it can also go the other way. It’s time yours functioned with purpose and style, just the way you deserve. 

The team at Vavoom have come together to share some of our top tips for creating an alfresco area you love. We’ll guide you towards the ideal outdoor furniture, available online in Australia, so that you can happily showcase your space to guests and enjoy plenty of memorable moments this summer. 

First hint: choose your décor wisely, and perhaps you’ll even make use of your backyard during the cooler months. Although we’d certainly recommend an outdoor fire or heater. At the very least, doubling down on suggestion #4: blankets, blankets, and more blankets. 

Even if you’re tempted, don’t skip ahead just yet. Shopping online for outdoor furniture in Australia is about to become that much easier. Start at the top, for our tips are ordered by importance. 

  • Honour the same design principles, indoor and out. 

  • The problem with styling an outdoor area is that we often come at it with a completely unique vision. It’s easy to get carried away with the many directions we could take it. So much so, that our backyard can wind up presenting in complete contrast to our interior. 

    The trick is to identify the aesthetic within your home and  let this guide you on how you style your outdoor area. Maintain a cohesive aesthetic and you’ll also guarantee an effortless sense of flow between both spaces. If you’re opting for comfort and coziness, featuring colour expressing a real sense of playfulness inside, make sure that this continues onto your patio or alongside your pool. 

    In Australia, online outdoor furniture options are immense. Avoid distraction by recognising the style of your home, and shopping within these confines. 

    If you’ve opted for an eclectic interior, the same rules apply. Allow this sense of style to reemerge in your outdoor setting via the Stedman Dining Chair – a piece with undeniable character and timelessness. It’s perfect for complementing a vintage or earthy style of home. 

  • Consider who is likely to occupy the space. 

  • It’s all well and good to have lovely outdoor furniture – but what happens when you actually invite your kids to use it? Does it wear and tear easily? Will it recover well from large family occasions? After a few party drinks , guests are prone to becoming a little less careful and a little more… unbalanced shall we say. You’ll thank yourself for shopping with this in mind. 

    Now, if you’re one to host often, or if you’re part of a large family, keep in mind that you have even more reason to prioritise durable and hard-wearing furniture. Nothing ticks this box better than the Wesson Indoor Outdoor Chair, available in a range of different colours to suit varying tastes and styles. 

  • Where possible, favour dual-purpose furniture. 

  • There’s more than one reason that the Wesson Chair is a smart choice, and here’s why. Not only will this indoor-outdoor chair stand the test of time, but it’ll also travel (and make home of) wherever it’s needed most. It’s a versatile design that makes sense in all corners, within and outside the home. Keen hosts will know just what it’s like to run out of chairs during family occasions – leaving you with only one option: to reluctantly bring inside some poorly-fitting outdoor chair. 

    The obvious solution is to invest in a chair that functions both inside and out from the beginning. Here at Vavoom, we’ve got plenty of dual-purpose chairs to explore, not to mention other indoor-outdoor furniture, including coffee tables. These are designed to provide endless value wherever they’re positioned. If your current home isn’t your forever home, that’s no problem. You’ll appreciate the option to move furniture inside or out, depending on your next movements. 

  • Add soft furnishings for enhanced comfort. 

  • Now this is where the fun can really begin. Beyond furniture, there’s so much more you can do to bring warmth and character to your alfresco setting. Have you considered topping your chairs with cushions for an added pop of colour? How about a comforting blanket or two for when the sun sets and the evening chill comes in? That’s not all. The kids will certainly appreciate a heavy-duty beanbag for when friends come over, or for lounging on whilst relaxing  in afternoon the sun. 

    Once you’ve chosen your primary outdoor furniture, don’t be afraid to peruse Vavoom’s homeware selection to really bring your space to life. This is essential for  your backyard to feel authentic and unique to you. 

    However you plan  to utilise your space, it all starts with finding the right outdoor furniture via online Australia-based suppliers like Vavoom. We’re proud to be trusted by innumerable Aussie families. We can’t wait to play a part in your backyard next!

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