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How to Enhance Your Style & Surrounds with a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are not just practical surfaces for keeping your favourite latte close by; they have evolved into stylish decor pieces that effortlessly elevate the look of your living space.

If you’re looking for the best selection of coffee tables online in Australia, you’ve come to the right place! Below we share a range of our favourites and styling tips to maximise the presence of this essential piece in your home.

Sleek and Modern Coffee Tables

If your home has more of a minimalist vibe, contemporary accents, monochromatic finishes or similar modern touches; something with geometric lines will enhance and complement this style.

We love the Noche Australian designed Coffee Table, available online at Vavoom. It is crafted from an Oak blend and finished in a deep, rich smoked-oak colour.

The elegant design features a soft touch finish that is both a visual delight and a tactile living experience. This table is sure to complement any modern home, and its nod to retro elements adds character in a subtle way.

Vavoom Styling Tip: it’s commonplace to centre your coffee table in the middle of your living area or between two lounges to create symmetry, however, a larger, lower piece can work well in a tight area if floor space is at a premium. 

Luxurious Materials and Intricate Details

Adding a coffee table that features unique, intricate detailing is an easy way to add an instant touch of luxury. This can also be done by utilising lower-profile pieces that are constructed with premium, high-end materials. 

Look no further than the Amara Curve Coffee Table for sophistication with a dash of opulence. It is available in a crisp white marble, classic black marble or natural travertine stone, and each shade effortlessly elevates the room it is in. 

Whatever your theme and colour scheme, these stunning coffee tables will create a luxe, cohesive look for your living or lounge room.

Vavoom Styling Tip: working with a smaller space? Opting for a coffee table with a rounded, glass top can create the illusion of a roomier living area due to the negative space of the translucent surface. 

  • Our Brushed Gold Base Table is ideal for this purpose, and both the finish and angular base adds subtle texture, balance and interest to a living space! 

Create Warmth and Ambience

Wood is renowned for being a highly versatile and flattering material that adds warmth, depth and dimension to statement pieces like coffee tables. 

The Oberon Crescent Coffee Table is not only an incredible design – it’s also one of the best “all-rounders”. Available in white grain ash, natural ash wood or dark oak with a matte finish; there is an option for everyone!

Our Round Wooden Table will be equally at home in a classic, contemporary, beach or country abode. It’s also the perfect pick if you want to add some extra personality and flair, or a quirky touch to your furniture thanks to its wide column legs and chic (yet fun) spherical design.

Vavoom Styling Tip: mix and match your finish to your personal taste! White or light-finished wood creates a light, soft, harmonious ambience in homes, whereas mid-darker wood finishes offer a moodier look and feel.

Experiment with Shapes, Heights & Accessories

Here are some of our final considerations when buying a coffee table online in Australia:

  • Clustering
  • Experiment with clustering coffee tables of different heights or shapes (i.e., a round table and an oval table) to create a statement or focal point that anchors your living room

  • Create “moments” 
  • Draw the eye to a smaller coffee table via one key centrepiece (like a tray or vase with flowers/plants), or for a larger table consider a trio of thick books stacked and/or candles or ornaments

  • Contrast or emphasise?
  • Adding angular or geometric items in different textures is an easy way to contrast with a smooth, soft or rounded coffee table (and vice versa for a rectangular or square coffee table design). Alternatively, invest in a few quality décor pieces in similar lines and shapes to emphasise the shape.

    We hope the above helps in your consideration of this essential everyday living piece.

    Vavoom is the home of some of the very best coffee tables online in Australia, and you can explore our full range here!

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