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How to Choose a Bed Online: Five Things to Consider

Buying anything online can be hard, let alone the finding the perfect bed. A purchase like this an important decision that should not be rushed. Why? Because your mattress and bed frame determine how well you will sleep at night and function during the day. 

With so many options, sizes, materials, and designs available, finding the bed that suits of all your needs can be a daunting task. Luckily, shopping online with Vavoom makes the process easy with curated inspiration, detailed product descriptions and hassle-free delivery and returns. We offer a stylish range of beds to fit every space and budget. Solid timber beds, Scandinavian minimal beds, industrial beds, upholstered bedheads, four-poster beds at prices that will make you rest easy.

So, without further ado, let’s turn to the question of how to choose a bed online with our top five tips:

Your bed should match your style:

Your bedroom is your sanctuary – your bed frame, side tables and soft furnishings should complement your personal style and space. When choosing a bed online, look carefully at the dimensions and product images to get a sense how well it will integrate into your room. The colours and design of your bed should also complement the existing look and feel of your bedroom. You can easily buy quality beds online if you carefully consider how well they would fit in your room and your overall aesthetic. 

Invest in high-quality materials:

High-quality materials mean longer lasting frames and more comfortable mattresses – both essential elements of the perfect bed.  While low prices can be tempting, cheap materials and frames simply don’t cut it in the long run – quality beds will look better, last longer and ultimately provide you with better value for money. For instance, this Ela Fabric red Blush Pink With Storage will last you for years and provide a consistently reliable level of comfort over the long term. You should always consider the material that goes into each element, seeking out the best wood for bed frames and the most comfortable material for your mattresses. 

Consider both form and function:

While many people choose form over function, others tend towards the opposite. Fortunately, with our collection of quality beds you don’t need to compromise on either. If you’re looking at styling a kids bedroom, for example, consider this Ela Fabric Single Bed with Storage - a beautiful wooden bed with smart, practical storage that makes it all the more likely (though never guaranteed!) that the kids will keep their room tidy. 

Measuring dimensions is important:

Above all else, the biggest challenge to buying beds online is finding the right size. No one wants their new bed to arrive only to find that it looks tiny in their large room or dominates their cosy space! 

We provide the size specs for all of our beds, so you can avoid this by checking the dimensions of the bed on our website, then grabbing a measuring tape and calculating your room's dimensions. Once you have done both, you will have a fair idea of how big the bed is and how well it will fit in your room and how you can style it accordingly. Buying beds online never looked so good, right?! 

Always check the returns policy.

There are many positives to buying beds online, but there can also be some risks. 

Sometimes you can do all your research, read every customer review and measure your space exactly, but when the product is delivered it’s just not quite right – we’ve all been there! For this reason, it is imperative to check the returns policy before buying beds online, ensuring that you do have the option to return the item if it is not exactly what you want. 

When buying a bed frame online from Vavoom, you can rest assured (literally) knowing that you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked, within 14 days of receiving delivery. Read our full returns policy here

We hope that these tips help you in buying a bed online. Above all else, know that our team are on the other end of an email or phone enquiry here to help with your online browsing purchases! 

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