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How to add a little Eclectic Homewares Flair to your space

For some, the term “eclectic homewares” conjures visions of Alice in Wonderland exploring an adventurous world of odd and disproportionately sized furnishings, equipped with backwards clocks and zany colour schemes.

Venturing back to reality, a little eclectic flair can just be the former – an adventurous homewares statement that enhances and elevates your décor.

Eclecticism is all about a more conceptual approach to design, blending styles, tastes and ideas of various influences in a complementary way.

Yes, there is the risk of being a little too “heavy handed” (which can lead to a space feeling busy or over cluttered), but it’s also easy to make more thoughtful choices that instead make any room look both polished, interesting and refined. Here are some pointers for nailing this style:

The Importance of Balance and Cohesion

Famed French designer Coco Chanel is renowned for saying “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This fashionable approach lends itself equally well when it comes to eclectic homewares.

That doesn’t mean things have to be bare or minimalist, but it pays to pick a few unique pieces to really draw attention for all the right reasons.

We like a rule of threes, for example: three different areas and/or textures.

  1. High level

A framed print or wall hanging such as our Mara woven wall hanging makes for an affordable piece of art that adds visual interest and personality to your space.

It is expertly handwoven by hand, from a wool blend which gives a one-of-a-kind feel. Despite its rich textures and bright, eclectic colours, the Mara wall hanging is a lightweight addition and easy to hang on any surface (homeowners and renters, rejoice)!

Of course, design is all in the details – and this artwork includes a fringe edging for a playful touch that pairs perfectly with the bold, joyful, oversized floral garden-scape. 

  1. Eye level

Now it’s time to pick smaller homewares that you can  rest or place upon  a larger surface , such as a bookcase, coffee table, credenza, etc. 

This is also a nice opportunity to experiment with textures, colours and materials like wood, resin or brass. Our Bronze monkey lamp or Lotus leaf lamp base are two candescent pieces that draw the eye and add a touch of flair (and luxury too)! 

  1. Mid-level

This could be a soft throw or bright cushion/s positioned on an armchair or lounge suite, such as our new Donna Cord Cushion.

It’s patchwork style adds an instant artisanal, heirloom feel. Crafted from a plush cotton corduroy, this cushion is every bit the perfect mix of warmth, nostalgia and eclecticism.

The combination of vivid hues (like indigo, cherry and marigold or pea, pear and olive) adds a playful touch. Better still, the design is double sided so it’s really like two cushions in one, allowing you to easily refresh your décor with a simple flip (either warm or cool tones)!

Add Your Personal Imprint

It doesn’t matter if it’s picking a single, show stopping statement centrepiece in each room, or selecting smaller cohesive eclectic homeware elements you carry throughout – a personal stamp is so essential in your home décor.

Investing in things you personally love (rather than just trend driven items) also means you’ll be more inclined to keep them, enabling each to become a sustainable purchase that lasts and holds additional value.

For example, if you’ve always loved a nature theme but don’t want your home to resemble a literal jungle (i.e. busy leaf wallpaper and faux greenery everywhere), try adding a little animalistic edge with the bronze monkey lamp we mentioned above.

You can also introduce these tones with touches like this True Colours Panelled Velvet Cushion from our faves at Kip & Co.

Be Deliberate with Colour

There’s a real knack to introducing and playing with colour!

Sometimes adding several pieces in the same shade can feel a little vanilla, and result in a blur-like effect where individual details are lost.

On the other hand, several competing colours can be a little overwhelming and leave the space feeling “cluttered” (even if it’s not).

To help your room stay grounded and avoid looking dated, try incorporating hues in a more understated way? way; such as pillows and throws, smaller homeware pieces, side tables and enticing artwork that adds visual intrigue.

We love adding a pop of fun colour and extra dimension to unexpected areas like the kitchen or bathroom. A great touch is our exuberant Florence hand towel, available in juicy apple green or ripe cherry red.

Vavoom Tip: integrating wood grain and neutrals is another fabulous way to add warmth, whilst harmonising with bright, eclectic colours.

You can choose to have these as either curvy sculptural elements or refreshing clean lines, depending on what your room needs! Consider the Tide retreat occasional chair or Niche oval extension table. Both are high quality, versatile options that add a calming natural touch to a more dynamic, eclectic palette.

You can shop the full range of Vavoom’s eclectic homewares collection here!

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