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Guiding Principles for Styling Your Lounge Room

It can be hard to resist wanting to capture that “catalogue/insta-perfect looking” lounge room by following the styling in a showroom to a T – but there are some perils in cut-and-paste designs.

A lot of pre-styled examples are specifically curated for particular-sized rooms, themes, budgets, and even locations. However, most interior designers can agree that the best way to style a room is to inject your own personality and ensure it has your “unique style stamp”.

We believe the best way to achieve this is by utilising a few guiding design principles, and we’ve shared three of the key ones below: 

  • Welcome a Large “Hero” Piece

  • Nothing anchors and grounds a lounge room quite like a hero piece of furniture can! Generally speaking:

    • If your lounge room is spatially challenged and on the smaller side, selecting one or two medium-sized features as a focal point is ideal  
    • If you are blessed with the luxury of space and have room to play with, two larger pieces (such as a large wall-hung artwork and armchair and/or unique lounge suite) are great options

    The Juno 3 Seater Sofa fits the bill nicely with its solid birchwood base and elegant rolled back that curves to support. It is a modern sofa that will flatter a multitude of lounge rooms, thanks to two gorgeous colourway choices: soft, neutral oat weave for classic homes, or rich bluestone velvet for an opulent and luxurious contemporary finish.

    If you prefer to curl up in a plush armchair, our Kole Chair is akin to a warm, cosy hug after a long day. The beautiful burnt caramel colour further exudes a modern, yet oh-so-comforting ambience that is the epitome of relaxation and style. Not just a pretty base, this chair is as convenient and functional as it is chic, featuring removable cushions and wide armrests.

  • Embrace Timeless Statements
  •  There’s a famous saying “Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever”, which reminds us of the “chopped cushion” trend. You may recall where once upon a time cushions were essentially “karate chopped” to create a sharp indent in the middle.

    These days, modern lounge room styling is much more centred around thoughtful furnishings and a more “lived-in” look that feels like a refreshing and authentic take on temporary trends.

    You can still make a statement by directing your focus towards your preferred distinctive colours, unique textural qualities and finer considered detailing.

    Take the Tresna Slate Grey, a modern sofa that seamlessly blends comfort and design for a sleek and bold contemporary feel. To add extra warmth to the oak finishes and contrast the grey, we would suggest getting creative by adding some cushions, such as our Ellaine Velvet Cushions.

    The Ellaine Velvet cushions are an excellent option because they are reversible, offering 2 looks in 1 which helps you freshen up the room whenever the mood strikes! They also feature a high-quality feather insert for the ultimate super-soft feeling.

  • Use Colour Thoughtfully
  •  It’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole with colour. This can sometimes lead to overdoing a specific colour or mixing and matching colours that don’t quite work together. We’re often in favour of combining so many colours to the point where the lounge room is an eclectic, kaleidoscope rainbow - however, this isn’t always easy!

    If your preference is more of a quirky look and feel, you may wish to take that approach – however, for something a little more modern and subdued, the use of colour requires a little self-editing.

    There are two main approaches to colour:

  • Solid colour in larger pieces:
  •  For example, we love this Ted Baker Jardin Pink Oval Rug, which is hand tufted from a wool blend. The asymmetric design and metallic gold streak exude a bold, lustrous finish and stylish lounge room. 

    Another option is our Blush Mellow Sofa Bed, which gives stock standard modern sofas a run for their money. It is another simple way to introduce a large portion of colour in “one go”, without it feeling over-represented throughout the room.

    Plus, did we mention this Sofa Bed reclines in multiple positions for unmatched style and comfort?

     You can also tie in larger coloured pieces with smaller accents in a similar or contrasting palette, such as dried florals and vases, coffee table books and notes of similar colours via artwork.

  • Careful colour peppered throughout your lounge room:
  •  Welcome your favourite hues into the lounge room through deliberate decorative furnishings, such as;

    • Cushions – the Donna Cord Cushion is a divine way to light up a space with a vibrant pop of colour!
    • Ottomans – this Fez Wool Floor Cushion Cover brings joy (and serious comfort) to any lounge room.
    • Floor lamps – the Ostro is beyond fabulous and can be customised to almost any colour imaginable. 
    • Surface décor – such as candles in bright colours and fun shapes. 

     Design your own tasteful, unique modern lounge room at Vavoom

    So when styling your lounge, whilst all of the above steps are important to remember, the key is to ensure you stick to your own personal tastes and individual style! Our thoughtfully curated and inspired range - including statement modern sofas, stylish rugs, chic cushions, and much more, aims to help you with these choices! 

    Discover the options for your lounge room here, or feel welcome to visit our Abbotsford (VIC) showroom from Monday-Friday (9 am-4 pm), and Saturday (10 am-2 pm). 

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