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Five Sparkling New Living Room Mirror Ideas ✨

Mirror mirror, on the wall, which living room is the greatest of them all? We at Vavoom absolutely love shiny new things and mirrors are the perfect way to add a sprinkle of light, space and magic into any room. Mirrors are not only great for checking your fabulous self out (yes, we do it too) but also help to create an illusion of a bigger and brighter room. If you’re searching for mirror decoration ideas for your living room, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these living room mirror ideas that even Snow White would be jealous of. 


#1 Make Any Space Feel Bigger With Full-length Mirrors 

Open up your living space with full-length mirrors like the Elizabeth Mirror and Vintage Floor Mirror.  These gorgeous large mirrors transform the room by absorbing and reflecting light instantly – an ingeniously simple way to trick the eye into thinking that the space is bigger than it actually is. Pick a free-standing mirror or mount a wall piece like the Bella Round Mirror behind a light source to watch your room glow. With the right living room mirror ideas, a tiny space can transform into a huge spacious room. 


#2 Reflect Your Personality With Mirrored Furniture 

Mirrors are a true reflection of yourself (pun intended 😎) and can help to inject much-needed personality and life into your living room. At Vavoom, we have curated a collection of unique statement pieces like the Cartier Mirror Console and Aviator Cabinet. Whether you’re looking for something that’s modern and timeless or chic and trendy, you’re sure to find a piece that shines. Get ready to showcase your sparkling taste with our mirrored furniture living room ideas.


#3 Turn Your Mirror Into The Star Of The Show 

Imagine walking into a room with an exquisite piece like the Ambrose Wall Mirror that hangs over the fireplace in all its glory. Wow. If your living room is lacking a focal point, you can easily create one with the right mirror - simply place one in the middle of the living room and eyes are drawn instantly. Mirrors help to open up spaces in the room and light areas that our brains would otherwise not have noticed. With these mirror wall decoration ideas for living rooms, you can give your room an instant lift.  


#4 Light Up Your Living Space With Mirrors 

If you’re looking to brighten up your space, look no further. Transform any dark room into a roomful of light with our mirror decoration ideas for your living room…

Wall mirrors like the Clyde Mirror and Chiara Mirror don’t just serve as stunning wall decors, they also direct much-needed light to the dark corners of your room. If your living room is feeling a little gloomy, consider using mirrors to reflect the natural light in your room. They almost act like tiny windows that shine a glimmer of brilliance into your home. 


#5 Add A Little Glitz And Glamour With Mirrors 

 Mix things up in your living room with light, mirrors and all the shimmers. 

Glass accents like the Flynn Mirror Collection can help to add a little sparkle to your room, especially in a space with dim lighting. They are great for bouncing light off lamps and give the illusion of a glamorous and spacious room. Set the mood with our collection of smokey glass lamps like the BlueBell Pendant Light or the Bobby Pendant Light. It’s time to jazz it up and create a lounge-like living room that’s sexy and sophisticated at once. 


In conclusion…

Let’s face it, mirrors are a great way to liven up your living room. At Vavoom, we have curated a collection of mirrors and mirrored furniture in all shapes and sizes, with frames that range from antique to modern to copper and wood. We’re absolutely certain you’ll find the perfect piece to not only make your living space look bigger, but also provide a great reflection of your personal style. Adding space and depth to flat walls, and creating points of interest in empty corners of your living room. If these living room mirror ideas have brought a sparkle to your eye, go ahead and browse our full collection of shiny new mirrors now. 

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