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Our Guide to Finding The Right Chairs Online

This time of year, we’re either searching for an extra chair to host the family or awaiting the moment we can finally kick off our shoes and get cosy with Clara. We know all-too-well about family members who overstay their welcome, just like we know our fair share about how to buy chairs online!

It’s true that every chair plays a unique role in our lives. That’s what makes the process of finding the right one rather difficult, and the importance of honouring every step below rather crucial. If you’re treating your home to a few extra pieces this season, be sure to follow Vavoom’s ultimate chair-finding guide.

It begins the way of all honest guides… by addressing the elephant in the room. In this case, the elephant is the chair(s) you don’t have, or the chair(s) you simply hate. We won’t slam you for being negative.


All the best chairmans know their purpose, after all.

That is to say, that all the most successful searches start with a clear intention. Perhaps the empty landing at the top of your stairs screams at you every time you walk past. Words like “Get me an occasional chair!” In this case, your budget might extend slightly higher to allow for a statement, attention-seeking piece.

On the other hand, you may have recently moved, found yourself eating on the floor and desperate for new dining chairs. The right ones won’t take charge of the room, but rather, they’ll tick all the right boxes pertaining to functionality and longevity.

To expedite your search for office, outdoor or living room chairs online, get as clear as possible on the role you’d like your chair(s) to serve. Do they need to be sturdy and strong to seat the kids? Do they need to be affordable, because you’re about to purchase six?

Clarify all preferences, including the budget you’d like to honour and the qualities that will define a productive purchase.


Next, isolate a unique influence or style.

We know your Pinterest is a plethora of inspiration, but it’s time to get specific! Your first stop is a visit to us at Vavoom, where you can get a taste of precisely the range of styles on offer. Are you looking for a touch of glamour to complement an already luxurious living room? Or perhaps you adore the grandiose nature of Hamptons-style furniture?

The first step to narrowing down stylistic preferences is quite simply, getting to know what’s out there. So, dedicate some time to perusing all ten furniture styles at Vavoom. When your favourite chairs start to fall under the same category, that’s when you know you’re onto something!


Don’t get comfortable yet. Select a (smart) colour.

We know you’re ready to sink into a velvet brushed arm chair, but we’d hate for you to jump too soon and regret the choice of blue. The truth is, just because you like a colour doesn’t mean it’s going to serve you in the long run.

Are you someone who refurbishes your home often? In that case, it’s probably a smart idea to choose something timeless: a chair that’ll adapt to every season and style you might transition through.

All the same, if you’re hunting for quality office chairs or a dining set, the choice of a minimal black, white or grey finish is going to make it far easier to shop for complementary furniture. Our advice? Think of your future self, as well as neighbouring finishes.


When in doubt, mood-board it out.

Sometimes you just don’t know until you see it. To lower the risk of regret, pull together a digital mood-board featuring the key pieces in your office, living room or outdoor setting. (Pro tip: the Wishlist feature at vavoom.com.au is perfect for this - once you’ve created an account with us, you can simply click on the little heart next to the Add To Cart button on any piece you like to build your own moodboard). Observe the way selected colours and styles bounce off one another. Is there enough synergy? The right balance of novelty and consistency?

If so, you’re good to go! If not, swap in varying options until your vision presents just right.


Finally, read those reviews.

We know it’s easy to spot something like the W Dining Chair and fill your cart immediately. But trust your instinct: a high-end chair that boasts a minimal price tag probably isn’t what you think it is! That doesn’t mean you can’t buy office chairs online or take the risk on a stylish ottoman. Simply do your research first! Take time to read reviews, and ensure that the product and the company itself are surrounded by satisfied customers. That’s a sure way to feel confident about your online purchase.

Now you’re familiar with the step-by-step, head to our incredible chairs collection and apply it. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @vavoom.com.au when the right chair(s) arrive and just as expected, they bring your space to life!

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