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TREND ALERT: Embrace the Curve, Decor with Booty

Move over minimalism, this year is all about the booty! A key trend enveloping the design world this year is a distinct move from the sharp, modern and angular lines towards the more curvaceous, sensual shapes and feel-good furniture ideal for cocooning.

Imagine your furniture giving you one giant bear hug and you’re on the right track. Think soft lines, plush padding, comforting textures and smooth shapes. Glamour, hedonism and high-end luxury are boosting the curves to ultra-sexy levels, injecting sensuality through lush velours and rich velvets. Sofas and occasional chairs will be getting down and dirty with low-slung lines and plumped up cushions for added oomph.

Curved sofa Lune by Jaime Hayon

Drawing from natural shapes such as nests, clouds and cocoons creates an element of nurture and restoration which helps evoke the creative imagination and maximising the ability to sit back, relax and connect with our ultimate quest for ‘cocoonection’ (do you like what we did there?).

Solid stone bath from Agape

Palazzo Gorgoni
Palazzo Gorgoni

Furniture reminds us a bit like Jubba the Hutt meets 70’s glam. We are loving this experimental piece at Palazzo Gorgoni.

Our most popular Flynn and Apollo mirror has given rise to a curvier and more sensual sibling to follow this curvaceous trend: the oval Bjorn which will be taking the circular mirror to the next level this season. Shop the look here.

Bjorn Oval Mirror Large Black

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