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Elevate Your Space with Stylish Stools

Selecting seating for your home is more than just a functional decision, it’s an opportunity to enhance your space with style and personality. Our curated collection of seating solutions goes beyond the ordinary, offering a diverse range of design, materials, and styles that promise to elevate your space. Here are some of our favourite stools to have around the home, each with their own unique personality and sense of purpose.


Chic Comfort: Sienna Brass Kitchen Stool Natural Linen

Discover the allure of the Sienna Brass Kitchen Stool in Natural Linen, a sophisticated blend of natural linen upholstery and brass-coloured steel frame legs. With a seat height of 65cm, this is the perfect kitchen counter stool which can be easily tucked away when not in use. Upholstered to provide an unmatched level of comfort, you can expect to  spend many an evening conversing around the counter. 


Weathered Charm for Every Space: Aria Bar Stool II - Oak

For those seeking a backless option, the Aria Bar Stool II in Oak offers weathered charm with its oak construction and understated wood tone finish. Hard wearing and durable, it’s perfect for a growing family without compromising on appeal. Wooden stools also make great plinths around the house, pop some towels on one in the bathroom, and a pot plant on another in the entranceway. Maintenance is a breeze—simply lather it with furniture oil every six months or so to keep it in tip-top shape. We like to oil ours with orange oil for an extra yummy scent.


Casual Comfort Meets Classic Sophistication: Sketch Odd Leather Barstool Black

Tight on space? A backless bar stool might just be for you! Crafted from 100% Aniline leather, the Sketch Odd Leather Barstool in black is a timeless classic piece for your home bar, without taking up all the space. There’s something so inherently romantic about sipping a night cap on a seat of luxurious black leather. Don’t believe us? Why don’t you try it out?


Luxurious Comfort, Matte Brass Finish: Fletcher Footstool

Introducing the Fletcher Footstool—an opulent choice that combines a matte brass metal frame with suede leather upholstery. The kitchen isn’t the only space in the house that can be decorated with stools, why not introduce one in your lounging space too? After all, it helps you kick your feet up after a big day - literally. Available in Mineral and Ochre finishes, this footstool is designed for maximum comfort.


Kitchen Bar Stools with Backs: Emily Velvet Bar Stool Golden Base

For those seeking kitchen bar stools with backs, look no further than the Emily Velvet Bar Stool. Upholstered in your choice of black, ivory white bouclé, or indigo velvet fabric, this metal construction stool boasts a brushed gold finish. With its curved and linear design, the Emily seamlessly marries form and function, creating a compact yet elegant backrest. Kitchen bar stools with backs provide an extra layer of support and accessibility for those who need it, we love that this is a subtle way we can be more inclusive in our homes.

The Accent Stool: Woody Mushroom Stool White

It would be remiss to cover our favourite stools without any mention of an accent stool. As its name suggests, its purpose is more skewed in favour of acting like an art or sculptural piece, strictly speaking, it’s not just a stool. The Woody Mushroom Stool doubles as a beautiful side table or entryway piece, and can, of course, still be used as a functional seat. The opportunities are endless! We love that this piece can be added and removed from the dining table as needed, without looking like clutter in the hallway.


There’s a lot more than what first meets the eye, when it comes to selecting a stool. These are just some of our many favourites, which all consider comfort, style and practically. Which one did you like best?

P.S - If we may impart just one crucial tip for when it comes to buying stools for your kitchen, PLEASE listen up. Do make sure you measure your bench top ahead of time. While the term ‘kitchen stool’ and ‘bar stool’ are often used interchangeably, they most certainly are not the same. Bar stools are taller than kitchen stools and are designed to be used at a bar or a very tall table. Kitchen stools, which are still taller than the standard chair, are not quite as tall as a bar stool, and are designed to be used at a kitchen counter or island.


Not sure which one best fits your space? Get in touch with us via sales@vavoom.com.au or 1300 577 079 during Australian business hours for personalised styling and design assistance.


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