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Don’t make THESE mistakes when picking coffee tables online!

 The centrepiece, the focal point, the spot to place your cuppa - let’s face it, the coffee table matters. 

It holds a huge amount of weight in any communal space and there are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting the right one for you. It’s not quite as simple as opting for the first table that peaks your fancy! 

You want your coffee table to play into the overall style of the room. In some cases, a coffee table will adopt multiple roles – offering more storage space, or making everyday activities that much easier. 

Finding the right coffee table for you is easy, as long as you avoid these common mistakes when shopping for coffee tables online. As a go-to destination for curated and stylish furniture, we understand the risk of buyer’s remorse is much higher when shopping online, so being careful and taking your time is essential. 

To ensure your coffee table enhances, rather than detracts from your entertaining space, keep reading. Our first red flag may sound obvious, but there’s a reason we’ve placed it so high on the list. 

  • Do not… overestimate the size of your room. 

  • Or underestimate how much space a coffee table occupies! Remember, when we add a piece of furniture to a room, we don’t simply add the precise measurements of that item. Everything requires wiggle room, which is what catches so many of us out. 

    We tend to measure just enough space for a table to fit – without considering that we navigate our living rooms at a rapid pace several times a day. If you’ve got kids or pets, this is twice as applicable to you - when in doubt, hunt for a coffee table on the slightly smaller side. 

    If your family room houses your pet’s favourite toys, or doubles as a playzone for kids, be conservative when purchasing your coffee table online. Sometimes, less is more. Don’t assume you’ve got more room to play with than you do - if you’re unsure, simply factor in extra space for the reality of everyday life. 

    Although the answer will look different for everyone, we suggest allowing for an average of 0.5m between your sofa and coffee table. This should accommodate all members of the family - ensuring they can navigate the space freely and comfortably. 

  • Do… consider the benefits of each shape. 

  • Aside from the obvious design preference, there’s further reason why you might favour a rounded vs. rectangular coffee table. 

    If you’re decorating a smaller room - we’d suggest a round coffee table. The Milton Coffee Table is one that boasts a stunning marble tabletop – it has attracted the adoring eye of plenty of Vavoom shoppers for this reason. The Tully Coffee Table is another statement option, available in both an Ebony or Natural finish. 

    A round design enables more flexibility. Though an angular table commands the room, forcing all furniture to adapt accordingly - a round coffee table is more malleable. There’s no need to engage in a game of tetris, or to create complete alignment in order to adequately complete a room. 

    That doesn’t mean a rectangular (or square) table isn’t an optimal solution, especially if you’ve got the space to warrant it. The Zoe Square Coffee Table is an incredibly elegant design that brings some much-needed structure to free-flowing spaces. 

    The key takeaway here is to consider the space you’re working with. If that’s an open-plan living room, embrace the clean lines of a rectangular table. Just keep in mind that this shape requires more space around the edges, in order to withhold functionality. 

    These aren’t your only two options, of course. There is also the in-between solution of an oval-shaped coffee table. We often extend this recommendation to families with littlies on the way… or already running amok! The last thing you need is a run-in with a sharp coffee table edge, so going oval is a safe bet. We adore the Arena Coffee Table in a brushed bronze finish. It’s sleek and narrow by nature, ideal for a diversity of large or small settings. 

  • Do… honour the purpose of the room. 

  • It’s safe to say that not all communal areas are made equal - some are built to host guests, others cater to family, and family only. Depending on which purpose you’re trying to fulfil, your coffee table will (and should) look slightly different. 

    For example, if you’re decorating your family movie room, the height of your coffee table should be high on your consideration list (especially to provide easy access to snacks, for one.) Also, to support several pairs of feet as you sit back and relax together. 

    That’s not all that matters. You may want to consider storage – or more specifically, the extent of storage you require. Are you looking to house multiple remotes? Perhaps kids’ toys? Or are you reserving your coffee table for ornaments and display pieces only? 

    Consider the primary purpose and user of the room. Let this drive your decision accordingly - families tend to love the Niche Coffee Table for it ticks all movie night boxes! 

    Think you’re ready to explore our full range and narrow down the right option for you? We’re only a message away, if you need any assistance. Truth is, it’s hard to go wrong with Vavoom’s thoughtfully-curated selection. With our custom guide on hand, we have complete faith that you’ll bypass every coffee table faux pas… and land straight on the perfect piece. 

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