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Creating Design Harmony with a Quirky or Eclectic Sofa

If you’ve found your way here, then needless to say, you aren’t looking for a stock standard, boring, “been there, sat on that” sofa option. 

Rather, you’re here to explore some perfect picks for an eclectic or slightly different sofa that exudes style in a way that is unusual, fun and innovative. That’s certainly not to say that a quirky sofa can’t also be a classic, timeless sofa design – because it can! 

Keep reading to discover how to not just find your ideal unique sofa design, but also how to balance a special feature piece like a quirky sofa in the room of your choosing and enhance your space. 

  • Bold Colour
  • A brilliant, bold colour is an excellent place to start (and perhaps finish) your quirky sofa search! 

    Our Blush Mellow Sofa is the epitome of versatility and design (it also transforms into a sofa bed). It also features asymmetrical fabric detailing, and a vibrant pop of colour in an enticing blush hue.

    There are a few fantastic approaches to create points of interest and harmony when styling a colourful, bright quirky sofa:

    • Embrace and highlight the accent colour: add thoughtful, fun décor pieces such as colourful vases or candlesticks in the same/similar colour


  • Colour block: add a contrasting, yet complementary colour scheme to tie in with your bold, new quirky sofa, such as an array of terracotta or emerald green with blush

  • Make it a feature: if your quirky sofa is the accent piece in the room, you may wish to keep the rest of your décor a little more paired back in terms of colour. Using neutrals will highlight the colour of the sofa even more and bring balance!

  • A Twist on Texture 
  • Texture is such a simple way to bring a nice touch to your sofa style.

    With so many options (leather, boucle, tweed, etc.) it can be hard to decide, but one of our favourites is a gorgeous, luxurious velvety texture. 

    Plush and alluring, velvet is a tasteful sofa showstopper for your home. One of our most coveted is the Kennedy Beckett 3-seater sofa, which is available in an earthy, burnt orange velvet that exudes soft, rich texture, compelling colour and stunning design.

    Meanwhile, the Kennedy Tufted 3-seater sofa is another velvet style available in cardenia, olive green or slate blue velvet, and finished with a contrasting brass frame that definitely understood the quirky sofa assignment! If you love a little bit of drama with your side of elegance and quirk – these are for you.

    Tips on how to easily style a room with a velvet sofa:

    • Add pattern: enhance and elevate texture with patterned wallpaper or throw cushions 


    • Mix & match textures: add a throw rug along your quirky couch in a contrasting texture, and/or include a range of contrasting sleek, smooth surfaces in the room near your textured sofa. This could be a resin or marble topped coffee table or brass lamp with feathers, you decide!


  • Unique, Modern Design
  • Contemporary and quirky go hand-in-hand, which is why we love the Juno Roller 3-seater sofa!

    It’s available in a stylish oat weave or textured bluestone velvet to suit a range of tastes, and presents *almost* endless styling options. Plus, the solid birch wood base is enhanced by a unique rolled, curved back that offers aesthetics and support. 

    Another modern Vavoom favourite is the Felix Block 3-seater sofa. It features a flexible and unique cubic frame with choice of left or right arm rest.

    If you want to turn things up a few notches and bring more of a bespoke touch to the area you plan to display your modern sofa, we suggest:

  • Arty additions: there are so many options here, and artwork truly suits all budgets and styles. For example, do you prefer abstract paintings, storybook art, photographic style prints or something else entirely? Your imagination is the only limit, and the great news is, a Vavoom modern, quirky sofa will complement all of these ideas. Even how you hang your artworks makes a unique impact – deliberately angular, in duos or trios, or at different levels across multiple walls.

  • Extra touches:  think a shaggy or jute floor rug, which can be selected to either bring subtlety or add extra flair. Finishing touches like enticing coffee table books and ornamental details tie everything in the room together and add to the overall effect the sofa brings.

  • Blast from the Past
  • Revisit your favourite time in design with a quirky retro sofa that is full of personality and charm – such as our Pure Retro 3-seat sofa

    This mid-century, Scandinavian inspired design features contrast button detailing and a solid Ash base with angled feet. The flattering grey colour means it can be easily added to your existing space without detracting from other pieces in the room, and is easy to style.

    If you prefer to evoke a style that references the best of eras already gone – this comfy sofa does just that, with ease. There’s also a matching quirky armchair version too!

    Continue the search:

    At Vavoom, we offer endless styling possibilities for an eclectic, quirky sofa. Our range is designed to enhance and elevate your own personal tastes and individual style – be that retro, modern, or something in between.

    Whether you’re starting with a blank slate, updating or adding a new sofa to your room of choice, we hope the suggestions above inspire. 

    You can explore our full sofa collection and homewares online now

    Or, if you prefer to see some options up close and in person, please visit our showroom from Monday-Friday (9am-4pm), Saturday (10am-2pm). Vavoom is located at 294-296 Hoddle St, Abbotsford, Victoria.

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