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Alfresco Styling 101: Your Guide to Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Calling all café, bar and restaurant owners – we know you’re busy opening your doors at the immensely chilly hour of 5am but we promise we’re here to help. Take advice from the team at Vavoom and you’ll have a strong winter that flows into an even busier, more fruitful summer. 

Since the gradual reopening of our cities, commercial business owners have grown rather fond of their outdoor spaces – and for good reason too. Savvy operators have realised just how many additional people they could host with clever allocation of space and the right outdoor furniture.

In recent times alfresco areas have become a space for more than just a smoko and are now for enjoying a well-earned and complete sense of freedom. 

Now, you might be thinking: it’s wet… it’s windy. It’s almost the middle of Melbourne’s notorious winter and there are zero, zilch, nada plans to go outside given the sun is, dare we say, non-existent.

All the same we like to think that we’re forward planners. innovators and optimists, even. It’s traits like this that make us good at what we do, right? There’s nothing quite like planning your Italian-inspired summer event in the depths of winter to see that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, after all.

Come the end of the year you’ll thank yourself for dedicating real thought as well as the next 3 minutes to reading up on alfresco dining – namely, Vavoom’s top tips for selecting and styling commercial outdoor furniture

There’s not just one solution that guarantees an appealing outdoor area. There are, in fact, several ways to enhance your alfresco setting with outdoor furniture  that will render your space just as appealing as a seat indoors. So without further ado, here are 3 crucial factors to consider, for those who seek to host guests for alfresco wine and hors d'oeuvre, or perhaps even a three-course meal at dusk. 

  • Prioritise outdoor chairs that look comfortable. 

  • Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than being offered a seat outside… just to observe a swarm of hard, cold-looking chairs waiting for you. That’s no fun after a long day of walking or working. It’s a quick-fire way to turn customers straight in the other direction. 

    On the contrary, the Wesson Indoor Outdoor Armchair speaks to entirely different emotions. It says, “You could sit here all evening, relaxing every muscle in your arms and back. You’ll forget this isn’t your own patio.” That’s right, a chair like this will make customers feel right at home. The use of flexible Textilene rope for the back and seat is an immediate yes from us.

    It’s enough to convince uncertain customers that yes, even if all indoor tables are full, yours is still a suitable destination for spending the night. Best yet, you needn’t wait for summer to make the most of these highly-functional chairs - with indoor-outdoor potential, there’s no reason you can’t maximise them now. 

    Bonus tip! Fill both indoor-outdoor areas with the Wesson Armchair for an enhanced sense of flow between the two spaces.  

  • Keep your space versatile to accommodate every kind of customer. 

  • Place yourself in your customers’ shoes for a second. Some nights, you’re wearing your best heels, and sitting down is simply not on the agenda. You’re heading out for a cocktail with a friend, and on the menu is spontaneity mixed with adventure. You’ll go anywhere – except to a formal dining table that cramps your style and inhibits your free-flowing attitude. 

    Now, we know we don’t have to remind you about the diversity of your own customer base. Some folk seek the intimacy and comfort of a low table, others prefer the height of a stool for surveying the scene and enjoying live music. Know your customers (all of them) and be sure to choose your commercial outdoor furniture accordingly. 

    Ensure there’s a suitable stool for those who love to perch by the bar and people-watch. For those who prefer a permanent seat at the table, make sure you’ve got one to offer – a solution as durable and stylish as the Axton Dining Chair perhaps?

  • A cohesive setting is a gram-worthy setting - remember that. 

  • There’s only one reason you’ve ever booked a venue on the back of its outdoor setting. It’s not because you admired its functionality, or the efficient use of space – although these things are nice too. In reality, you’ve screenshotted and tagged your partner or your bestie because your local bar or restaurant nailed the aesthetic and you simply must experience it for yourself. 

    If you want to incentivise people to take photos in your venue, to spread the word and generate organic social noise, a cohesive setting with ease and flow is a must. That means sticking to a consistent theme, and ensuring that all of your commercial outdoor furniture is complementary. The Wesson Glass Top Bar Setting makes it easy, consisting of a full-white, ultra stylish table set. 

    Styling your alfresco area doesn’t have to be complicated, so long as you stick to these key rules – and prioritise highly-durable commercial outdoor furniture, akin to our premium supply at Vavoom. Let’s get your outdoor area in progress together, so it’s complete in time for the brightest months of the year. 

    P.S. if you wish to add pillows and blankets atop your outdoor chairs for enhanced vibrancy, warmth, and playfulness, you certainly know the team to call…

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