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Add ambience & elevate your home using the right décor.

When it comes to buying furniture and homewares online, there’s a real balance involved in bringing that certain je ne sais quoi (aka: stylish flair) to your home. We’ve all been in a room where everything looks so perfectly put together, in a relaxed, personal way and that usually comes down to a combination of unique finishing touches.
Personal taste is exactly that: incredibly unique, but that’s not to say that there isn’t a little bit of a formula when it comes to adding these chic touches to your home – and here’s a few easy ways to achieve this:
    Adding three objects of different heights to your coffee table and other display furniture (such as a buffet like this) creates an idyllic balance and draws the eye in. Interior designers have been using this approach to home décor furnishing for years! Arranging objects in odd numbers (so you don’t need to stop at 3, it could be 5,7 & 9 all work well) is genuinely more appealing to our brains!
    For instance, you could try:
    • A group of three stacked books (architectural or fashion design books are great options here)
    • A large vase such as this Giorgia white ceramic vase that features a matte satin finish and soft velvet feel
    • A sculptural piece – we love the Kintsugi Love in Bloom anatomical heart…it’s just so gorgeous and unique!
    Vavoom expert tip:
    Keep things classic in white or black, contrast the décor items with the furniture they are displayed upon, or for a more quirky or fun finish, mix and match colours of your choice.
    Keeping your furniture and décor one size, style, fabric or colour can be a little… one note (and, dare we say, boring)! 
    Add points of interest to your space by opting for a classic or contemporary lounge, and pairing with accent chairs or an ottoman in different materials and textures – think leather or boucle mixed with linens, natural wood or velvet details.
    We love this Kennedy Beckett 3-seater sofa in the neutral bone weave (or burnt orange velvet if you want to create more of a statement). It pairs excellently with the Alphen Armchair – a stylish mid-century design in top grain leather and antique ebony finish with natural, solid oak angled frame.
    The two of these together create a warm, luxurious and inviting space - who doesn’t want that? 
    Whether the space you’re working with is big or small, buying at least one or two big scale items will help create focal points for the room and balance other furnishings.  
    Some options here include adding a large-scale piece of artwork to your wall (check out our gorgeous selection here) or a mirror or tall potted plant in a beautiful pot (we have many of these too!)
    Another option is a big rug which anchors spaces like living rooms, offices and bedrooms. 
    Vavoom expert tip:
    Ensure your rug is always bigger than the coffee table, dining table or sofa it will be near, and rather than placing the rug in the “blank white space”, have the legs of the sofa touching for better integration in the space.
    You can also layer rugs of different colours and textures for a modern, elevated effect. You can find an example of that using our favourite Ted Baker Kinmo Green rug here.
    When it comes to perusing furniture and homewares online, don’t underestimate the power lighting has for creating a beautiful ambience. There’s an option for every taste and the right choice for yours will immediately help your space feel refined and luxe. 
    The modern home will be effortlessly enhanced by Crochet Lamp in matte gold (also available in monochromatic black or white). 
    For a period home or classic reference, the Ostro Feather Brass Floor Lamp feels straight out of an Austen film adaptation. This timeless piece is available in a wide array of feather colours and quickly becomes the wow feature and talking point in any room it is displayed in.
    The perfect table lamp:
    When it comes to table lamps for offices or living rooms, you can’t go wrong with the Seville Table Lamp which combines an elegant metal frame set upon a chic white marbled base.
    Vavoom expert tip:
    Dimmers are also a great option to set the mood for different events (dinner vs reading/watching TV vs hosting, etc.)
    The difference between a standard space and an inviting one? Attention to finer details! Fluffy pillows and cushions will instantly make your space look more interesting or high end (depending on the vibe you want to create). Explore our beautiful range of pillows here.

    You can find everything you need to complete your home with special, thoughtful touches at furniture and homewares online hub – Vavoom. Discover a wide range of options to suit your budget and style (including a great collection of décor and gifts) here!
    NB: not all imagery is Vavoom owned. Credits include Pinterest and Apartment Therapy.

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