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9 Tips to Decorate Your Master Bedroom like a Boss

bedroom dark velvet trend master bedroom vavoom kip and co green navy

1. Don’t be afraid of the Dark

We blame 5* hotels for creating this mass delusion that white, light and neutral colours are the only way to make bedrooms feel comfortable and cosy. We’d like to introduce you to the Dark Side! Rich, thick colours such as bottle green, navy blue, black and burgundy are all creating a deep connection with comfort and luxury in the decorating world. Our tip? Don’t stick to just one colour palette or texture, use these dark beauties freely to create that lush, sensuous ambience. Mix velvet with linen, cotton with silk and thick chunky knits with delicate crocheted throws. Kip and Co have a gorgeous range of deep, dark velvets this season and we just so happen to be having our biggest sale yet.

cushions accent mix and match pattern tassle boho bohemian vavoom interiors

2. Pile on the Pillows

You can never have too many decorative pillows, so don’t be shy when it comes to adding accent cushions to your bed. A great way to avoid clutter and your bed looking like that horror Bridesmaid's dress you were forced to wear when you were younger is to keep it to three variations. Two unique patterns with one set of solid colour cushions to break up the patterns. We are also crushing over the textured and embellished cushions coming out this season with tassels, beads and pom-poms that add depth and detail to the space. Go wild with cushions of the same colour but in different textures and materials. Shop our gorgeous decorative and accent bedroom cushions.

bedroom linen mix and match pattern pink mustard vavoom interiors kip and co

3. Mix and Match Bedlinen

Matchy-matchy bedlinen is so last season! Mix and match patterns, textures and colours to create your very own unique bedroom palette. We love using Kip & Co velvet quilt covers with more heavily patterned sheets that can be as bold or as subtle as you like. Melbourne based mother-daughter duo Sanctuary have gorgeous graphic diamond sheets that are fun and geometric. We also love their floral yet gothic take on the botanical that can be seen in their Peonies & Snakes collection.

sanctuary mix and match bedlinen diamond vavoom

peonies snakes gothic botanical floral vavoom mix and match bed linen

Shop these linen ranges here.

botanical bold large oversized knits throws interiors trends vavoom

4. Supersize me

Everything about the master bedroom needs to be big and bold. We love the combination of gargantuan botanical prints and oversized chunky throws to add a statement to your space. Use massive print wallpapers and giant chandeliers to push the glamour element up a few notches. Here are some chandeliers ready to take center stage, Sweety Darling!

wall mural rug trend bedroom dark green velvet kip and co tapestry wall hanging

5. Create a Perfect Backdrop

We love the idea of having a massive artwork hanging precariously above our bed, but we’re not loving the idea of it crashing down on us during the night while we’re miles away in dreamland! Use tapestries, rugs and quilts to create big, bold backdrops without worrying about the weight on your walls. It’s a great way to fill that empty void above your bed in a creative yet cost-effective way that is still soft and feminine. The texture of the rugs compliment the velvet linen craze making waves this season. Take a look at some rugs for inspiration: but don’t think floors, think wallspace.

kip and co tarzan linen velvet tassle throw vavoom interiors trends bedroom

6. Drop the Lights

There is nothing worse than wrestling a clutter-filled bedside table to reach for your snooze button first thing in the morning. We are all about bedside storage and tabletop feng-shui. Investing in bedside tables with built in storage keeps your sleeping essentials within arms reach and allowing the bedroom space to look sleek and minimal. Every gal (and guy) needs a ‘special drawer’, if you know what we mean, so when shopping for bedside tables keep that ‘special drawer’ in mind! Another great way to keep your bedside table zen is to hang your pendant lights directly from the ceiling and have them sit low straddling your bed. They can be single lights or in clusters, take a look at our lighting options for inspiration.

symmetry vavoom bedroom design decor bedside table interiors boho

7. Stop the Symmetry!

No human face is perfectly symmetrical so we don’t understand why our bedrooms have to be. There is no need for two bedside tables, two bedside lamps and two sets of everything when you’re the king (or queen) of your domain. This space-saving little trick is bold, practical and lots of fun (we won’t mention cost effective as you only need one of everything!). It also allows you the freedom to move your bed against the wall to increase floor space for that morning yoga routine. Take a look at these bedside tables that, like you, work well in single mode.

bedroom nook chair reading comfy vavoom uniqwa african bohemian interiors trends

8. Create a Living Space

One of the biggest trends in bedroom decor right now is inspired by the boutique hotels; the introduction of a quiet sanctuary in a corner of the bedroom. A comfortable chair with a fur throw and a side table adds an element of relaxation and mindfulness to your bedroom. This safe haven can act as a reading nook with a small table next to it for your favourite read and hot drink. Or if you’re like us the chair becomes the perfect ‘half-way’ space for our clothes not landing on the floor. Win-win! These accent chairs would be perfect in that empty little corner of your bedroom that you have been eyeing out.

glamping boho canopy nature greenery bedroom trends interiors vavoom

9. Sleep outdoors

No, we don’t mean roughing it up in Mother Nature but instead taking inspiration from the glamping trend and bringing nature, greenery and bohemian elements to the master boudoir. We love the combination of canopies, macramé, hurricane lamps, fairy lights, indoor plants and textures from nature to create that easy-going laidback vibe. Ah bliss!

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