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3 Tips for Buying Dining Tables

Buying a dining table is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for the interior of your home. 

It’s such a versatile item; several times a week (likely more than once a day) you’ll gather there to eat, entertain and share stories of the day. 

It will also become the centrepiece of the room it is displayed in, and relied upon for special occasions; picture dinner parties, long brunches, celebrating special events, and other practical activities like wrapping presents, playing board games, and so much more. 

Here are 3 key considerations and tips for when you’re ready to buy the perfect dining table for your needs.

  • Pick a table that adapts to your lifestyle:
  • Given how long most quality dining tables last, it’s integral to consider not just any size that fits your current situation, but also envisage one that will adapt to future plans.

    For example, when buying a dining table, consider: do you potentially want to grow your family, or entertain guests, host parties or have visitors often or intermittently?

    Get The Best of Both Worlds

    If you’d like a “size friendly” everyday solution, but want the flexibility and freedom to expand, a great option is a table like our Niche Rectangular or Round Extension Table

    Both of these options can be easily extended to suit a bigger group, and then simply returned to a smaller size for daily use. Now you really can have your cake and eat it too!

    They are also a fantastic option if there is the possibility you may relocate in the future (which would likely lead to different room sizes). This way you can still buy a quality dining table and invest in a beautiful, long-term option now.

    The Niche range is crafted from a neutral toned American Oak, which is often super flattering to your décor and a range of colour palettes. The soft, sleek lines really emphasise the Scandi-luxe-minimalist aesthetic to suit almost any surroundings. 

  • Make the most of the space you’re in:
  • Filling Blank Space

    For a dining table that is every part the focus and centrepiece of the room, we love a classic rectangular shape like this Vintage Teak table that is crafted from recycled wood, for a truly bespoke look and feel.

    A larger table is also an excellent option for open plan living/dining areas, because it fills blank space without adding clutter.

    Space Restrictions

    Rectangular tables generally take up more space than their circular counterparts, so if space is restricted, or you prefer to have a more intimate setting, you can’t go wrong with a round dining table.

    Vavoom’s Benjamin table range is available in two sizes (to seat 2-4 or 2-6 people) and a variety of beautiful, versatile finishes; including natural ash, matte black, grey, and even marble stone for an added touch of luxury. 

    The Benjamin round table perfectly combines compact function and contemporary style to suit any space and décor.

    Still mentally committed to the idea of making a big, rectangular table a reality, but have space constraints? Well, that’s okay – we can make it work! 

    We suggest pushing your table against the wall when not in use to create the illusion of more space. Ensure other furnishings in the room are kept to a minimum.

    Another tip here is to opt for bench seating or chairs that can be easily slid and concealed under the table when not in use to reduce its space presence!

    We love this incredibly unique Oval Dining Table as a compromise that offers a rectangular aesthetic, but with softer, curved edges and two cylindrical rippled base legs. It would make a gorgeous addition to any home! 

  • Consider the Need for Freedom of Movement 
  • If you like to eat between different rooms in the home, sit on the lounge and watch TV whilst working on your laptop or having a drink or snack, a Supper Table is just the thing!

    They were once a common appearance in stately homes and glamourous heritage homes, and have seen a big modern resurgence. 

    Our Rebecca Supper Table has a stunning white volakas marble top and brushed bronze metal base, to bring a sense of subtle sophistication and timelessness to any room. 

    It can also double as a side table to house books and decorative items, or as a side tray for your essentials (such as that cup of tea or coffee) when you sit back in an armchair or recliner.

    A final note from us:

    When buying a dining table, keep in mind the colour and style that will best enhance the mood of your room and home. For example, marble/stone and metal finishes like brass add a sense of opulence and serve as enticing accent pieces. 

    White or grey dining tables are a classic option for opening up a room and adding lightness. They both lend especially well to coastal chic or Hamptons style homes.

    Meanwhile, black is a sleek and modern choice that adds depth and dimension, while natural wood grain adds beautiful character and a timelessness.

    At Vavoom, we cater to every dining table taste – with a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours you’ll be imagining yourself seated at in no time (oh and we can help with the seating too)! 

    Explore our full range of gorgeous dining tables here.


    Image source: WallSource.com

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