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3 Modern Sofas that Will Give Your Lounge Wow Factor!

Anyone who says that your sofa is not the most defining piece in your living room is either lying or hasn’t finished their sentence. There’s no doubt that every furnishing counts, from a striking coffee table to the vase on your mantelpiece. But name one time you’ve redecorated your entire lounge… based on an ill-suited vase? That’s right, it doesn’t happen - because your sofa is different.

Your sofa dictates just about everything, including the way the room flows. As one of the larger features of your loungeroom your sofa sets the standard and, if chosen well, it will unite all neighbouring pieces for a seamlessly cohesive look. It’ll embody your sense of style and leave a lasting impression.

Take the following sofas that have just landed at Vavoom - these designs are of the same calibre called on by top decorators, stylists, and interior lovers nationwide. They come highly recommended by our own team of interior designers and are equally sought-after by passionate home-makers.

Here at Vavoom you’ll be glad to know we prioritise longevity just as much as we do style. These modern sofas will stand the test of time, hosting guests, family, and friends for years to come.

To curate a home that’s fashion-forward and functional (yes, it is possible to do both!) check out these must-have modern sofas and read on to learn more about the trends that make them so strong.


PSA: Curved furniture is having a moment. So is the Kennedy Beckett 3 Seater.

We’re seeing a resurgence of curved furniture at the moment; a nod to the luxe quality of Danish modern and mid-century design. The Kennedy Beckett is a high-end sofa that mimics the décor at your favourite salon or spa. You know the ones with a waiting room so enticing you wouldn’t mind being left there all day? This plush sofa would fit in like a charm.

The Kennedy Beckett is available in two strong tones, Bone Weave and Burnt Orange Velvet. We’d opt to place the Bone Weave finish in a neutral lounge, accompanied by creams, whites and earthy greens. The Burnt Orange finish will bring eclectic opulence to your lounge without skimping on comfort.

It’s fair to say you’ll love the feeling of serenity that comes with this soft design. Its curvature does a great job of avoiding too much segregation or harsh zoning. If you’re all for open-plan living, the Kennedy Beckett is an ultra-stylish way to go.


Everyone loves a booth. It’s time to bring one home with the Juno Roller 3 Seater.

Let’s be honest - there’s nothing worse than arriving late to your local restaurant and being left with the cold, hard chair while the plush booth across the way is strategically occupied by your more punctual mate. This is the part where you reclaim control and welcome an entire booth into your own living room - this is your moment. 

Now who gets the comfy seat, right? The answer is you - every single night. Perhaps even during the day, if you’re lucky enough to be living the WFH dream. We’d be taking a seat on the Juno at any opportunity - couch Zoom meetings have never looked or felt this good.

This refined design won’t lose shape easily, in contrast to a traditional family sofa. That makes it a glamorous choice for any guest area, second living room, or even walk-in wardrobe (consider this a sign to live out your ultimate teenage dreams).


Functionality meets fashion with the Light Blue Sofa Bed.

If you’ve made it this far, you may be thinking: I love these options Vavoom, but what if I need to host a guest? Or knowing my family… what if I need to host multiple? We hear you.

We’ve gone out of our way to welcome the Light Blue Sofa Bed into our ever-expanding collection of modern sofas. Why this design, you ask? This dreamy couch features everything we love about retro-inspired furniture, minus the unfortunate colour palette (we’re talking murky greens and sepia browns. There’s simply no space for these tones in our contemporary homes).

The Light Blue Sofa Bed is exactly as it sounds: light, calming and versatile. With a tan leather strap that follows the edges, it’s an excellent choice if your lounge already consists of warm leathers and tan shades. Of course, this sofa bed reclines all the way back, and holds at a total of 3 positions (perfect for those who love a good movie night).

This classic design is distinct enough to guarantee a wow factor. It’s versatile enough that if you do decide at some point to move (or redecorate) you won’t struggle to find pieces that match.


If you like what you see you’ll certainly enjoy exploring the full collection of modern sofas. Feel free to make the modern corner of our store your second home - we wouldn’t blame you!

Don’t forget to tag @vavoom.com.au when you introduce these trending pieces into the home. We can’t wait to see how you style one or more lavish designs.

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