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Tiny Apartment - Efficient Living - WOW decor

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Tiny apartment where efficiency of functional space is maximised beautifully.

Another small apartment where all living functionalities are fully utilized with Loft Storage Living efficiency. It makes large homes look rather wasteful.

So you moved into a small apartment and you are now faced with the challenge of decorating it and living in it without falling over all your possessions.

What to do first?

Start with getting rid of ugly, non functional or outdated clutter. Call the Salvos, give it away to friends or relatives.

Choices next: Choose three pieces that you love. It is so important to be surrounded by aesthetic beauty in your home. It is welcoming, nurturing and reflects your inner being.  If you don't have these three essential beautiful pieces be they furniture, homewares such as prints, artwork, mirrors, vases or cushions get online and search for them right now.

Golden Rule:

Only buy enthralling, exciting pieces that you cannot live without, of course within your current budget.

If you have chosen a very modern and sleek apartment fllled with an abundance of white or neutral colours you may need to add texture and more importantly soul. 

Product imageEdito 3 Door Buffet in Vavoom Showroom VIP $1637  ticks all the boxes for modern apartments. It has loads of storage space for files, kitchen, lounge needs or even in your bedroom. Recycled boatwood, warm timber slats, double iron indestructible frame and 3 metal doors. Soul, soul, soul. A unique design, functional furniture piece that can be re located to any room in your apartment. A piece you will fall in love with. 

Bed and bedsides - functional - aesthetically pleasing, soulful timbers - storage pieces - affordable

Product imageBrooklyn Bedside Table is sensational. Reclaimed mixed timbers that add texture and interest in the bedroom. Lots of room to store the unseen, the personal. More importantly only $296 on Vavoom VIP

Now create several sitting spaces so you can change where you sit and create the perception of visible space.

Butterfly chairs are portable, in the lounge, bedroom or covered balcony. They are super comfortable and sooo stylish.

Product image Vintage Tan Leather Butterfly Chair in Vavoom $675


Product imageSoft Leather Black Butterfly Chair $985 VIP Price

Stools are so flexible in their functionality - sit on them - use them as bedsides - display objects d'art on them

Product image Takke Uniqwa stool in Vavoom Showroom VIP $349 as dining chairs. Very strong and sturdy, as well as having that "look at me" attention grabbing design. Slip them under the dining table when unused.

Product image  Use the stool as a bedside. Or display treasured objects. Interchange where you place them from time to time and create a new decor in your apartment.

What next?

All important Artwork

Whether your budget allows you to prioritise a painting or an exceptional piece you cannot unglue your eyes from, remember the aesthetics are as important as the functional pieces in your apartment. This is where you set your own inimitable style. This is your statement to the world. "This is me."

Affordable Ahoy Trader Plaster and resin pieces created in Byron Bay. You can gradually build a collection on your walls:

Ahoy Trader Cross with tassels $139 and Ahoy Trader Moana Tile $119

Hang them on the wall. Sit them on a stool or rest them on a coffee table

Product image                                                                      Product image

Product image

Need a larger print that has a huge impact on your decor?

Product imageAqua Warrioress framed print in Vavoom Showroom $649

You could extend any of the colours into your decor and just create a corner highlighting the colours in the print such as a cushion, a vase or rug.

Rugs for warmth, texture and definition of an area:

Rugs are magic. Not only do they "dress up your home" but they make it comfortable and nurturing to be in it.

Product image  Arndi Rug throw it in the washing machine, cotton rug for a mere $185

Product imageMy personal favourites are the cowhides $634 and worth every cent for a quality cowhide rug. Spill something on it? Soap and water will clean it quickly and easily. Remember it's a cow and exposed to all of the harsh climatic elements.

Now add Magical Mirrors:

Mirrors offer decor magic and expand the perceptual visual space in your apartment. Hang several

Product image New unique look in mirrors - Mira Dusk 90 cms Diameter $347 in Vavoom Showroom

adds softness to a room and reflects surfaces nearby.

Product imageMira Mirror Arched Fog in Vavoom Showroom $327 - The popular grey with a grey border below the mirror.

Now bring the decor together. Add texture and that luxe feel with skins, throws and cushions

Sheepskin - over the sofa, over the armchair or on a dining chair, even on the floor - bedroom - bathroom - lounge

Product imageAustralian sheepskin $185

Product imageThe very popular Icelandic long haired rugs from $299 each

or the newly popular Reindeer Hide $490 from Finland, a sustainable industry not sourced from wild reindeers

Product image

Texture - colour - layering

Cushions: Instant transformation of your decor:

Product image                Product image Product image

Africana cushions - very affordable 

 Velvet cushion - see Vavoom website  Product imageMore neutral tones

Add cushions to your bed, sofa, armchair and dining char or stools

Quick Fixes to Common Small Apartment Storage Problems

Small apartments are great for a variety of reasons. They help you minimise your life and do away with excess ‘stuff’ you don’t need. They’re easier to keep clean and organised. In many cases, they’re also either less expensive or in a highly desirable urban area.

Despite all these advantages, storage still remains a big problem in small spaces. If you need some advice on improving your storage, the experts at Vavoom Emporium are here to help. We were recently called upon by Bupa Home Insurance to offer insights on creating space in tight living environments. The answer to your storage needs is as simple as making a few furniture changes throughout your living space.
Here are 3 of the most common storage problems in a small apartment – and how you can fix them in your own space:

Problem 1: No Linen Closet

As many small apartment residents can attest to, a linen closet is often low on the priority list. You may have some storage under your sink in the bathroom, but what do you do with your towels and sheets?

The answer could be as simple as an additional shelving unit in your bathroom and think ‘UP’. Can you add some funky open shelving above the towel rack where you can roll and store your towels? Rolling takes up much less room than folding and if your towels are colour-coordinated its also a visually appealing option.
Problem 2: Limited Workspace in the Kitchen

Smaller apartments often equal cramped kitchens. For anybody who enjoys cooking, this can be a major issue in your living space.

The best way to address this problem is with a floating kitchen island. These units are built on wheels so you can move them wherever you need to as you’re cooking. Best of all, they also include additional storage underneath for even more space.
Problem 3: Your Bed Takes Up Most of the Bedroom Space

This problem is especially common in super tiny one-bedroom units, and studios. A small bedroom often means you won’t have much room for more than your bed. And as we all know, that can pose a significant problem for storing your clothes and other personal items.

The simplest fix to this problem is to utilise all that unused space under your bed with an efficient storage solution. Many people opt for a bed frame with built in drawers. But if this isn’t your style, there are plenty of other functional options available.
As you can see, even the smallest apartments can improve their storage space with the right furniture. To see more premium quality, space-friendly furniture, check out the Vavoom Emporium today. For more great storage ideas read Bupa's Home Insurance article, 'Creative Storage Solutions for Small Apartment Living'.

So in summarising this blog which was aimed at small apartments and modern sleek 21st Century living, which requires a lack of clutter, flexible furniture, smart decor that says WOW!