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When you focus on mirrors you really notice the magical aspects that they add to your home:

Perceptual light

Expand the size of the room

Reflect candlelight in a surreal way

Focus the eye

Whether you place mirrors indoor or outdoors they create a kind of magical illusion 

There is no set quota of mirrors per room and more recently people are adding more and more mirrors into their homes

In this Blog we will look at unique home areas to add a mirror. Let's begin with the most unlikely room for a mirror - the verandah, the balcony under cover or alfresco area of your home to add a mirror. Placing a mirror in that unconventional space will create it into a real room, extending the perceived indoor space of your home, not just an outdoor area to sit in casually. Conventionally mirrors were reserved for indoor rooms thus the suprise element of a mirror addition. It will also add value to your home if you are thinking of selling it.

Add a mirror and voila it is transformed. Remember the most unexpected creation is your unique decor style, that others will love to emulate and will create a memorable YOU home.

3 suggested options for adding mirrors to your outdoor area:

Product image  The Polygon mirror - Vavoom VIP $359 with its definitive black 6 angle frame 

or the Mirror Bronze Wave - Vavoom VIP $772 - the new trend in impacting mirrors 

If emulating the look above and you are under budgetary pressures the 

Round mirror Chocolate on Sale at Vavoom VIP $154


Several customers were exploring the option of converting the mirror chest of drawers into vanity units. This concept creates a super Glamorous Hollywood bathroom ( see below ). It would add light, reflection and the unique look of the unexpected decor with that WOW factor. Clever decorating if considering selling your home 

Your Hollywood Glamour bathroom options could be to use the Antique Mirror Cabinet - Vavoom VIP $1910 - remove the top and place your vanity unit in it.


Product imagethe Antique Mirror Chest Drawers - Vavoom VIP $1898 - in Vavoom Showroom

Bridge the 2 mirror chests together with the Mercury Mirror Console and you have a stunning bathroom look - Vavoom VIP $643 that could add $$$$ to your home value 

Bathroom Wall Mirrors 

Add the highly decorative Bellissima Wall Mirror - Vavoom VIP $672 to soften the often austere look of the bathroom


Mix the shapes in the bathroom for greater decor interest with the 

Madrid Circular Mirror - Vavoom VIP $283

alternativel imitate the style in the picture with the 

Mirror Brass Rectangle - Vavoom VIP $359

or a more definitive Mirror the Boston Black Large - Vavoom VIP $386


Place a mirror in the middle of an expanse of bedroom windows when your bedroom window is either large or has an incredible view which is wonderful in itself - but you can lose the sheer intimacy that is so necessary for your bedroom nurturing and cause the eye to be focused on the outdoor area, rather than on you and yours.

Hang a mirror in the centre of your large bedroom windows and immediately your eye is contained in the room and its furnishings not lost in the vista outside

A softer mirror is the - Tribeca Mirror $329

Try the new exciting mirror range such as the 

Dusk Mirror - Vavoom VIP $347 - soft glow and perfect for bedroom romance  

Or the Mira Large Storm Mirror which is muted grey surface and just stunning - Vavoom VIP $574

So look for a room or rooms in your home that you could add a mirror that will transform your decor. Then your home becomes one of the few that your friends and relatives refer to it in glowing decor descriptions. There are numerous mirror options on the Vavoom website and several glorious mirrors displayed in the Vavoom Showroom in St Kilda.