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Eclectic Decor - How do I achieve it? - PART 1

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Eclectic Decor at Vavoom Showroom mixing timbers, decor styles, shapes and colours

Vavoom Eclectic Styling

A combination of Industrial Recycled Mini Bar, Traditional and classic aged leather armchair, Retro suitcases for storage, Aviator Retro re designed Modern Leather and Aluminium encased armchair that every man loves!

More Eclectic Vavoom Styling

 Decor Styles in this picture - Scandic Annecy Console Table - White African Takke circular teak branches Coffee Table -  Bianca Coffee table - Parquet style - Industrial Reclaimed Timber Atelier Display Unit on the right side of the picture - Glamour Mirror Bedside Table +++

Eclectic is the new vibe in interior decorating. Why? Because people have previously tortured themselves traipsing through countless websites and stores to match timbers and styles in an attempt to follow someone else's defined rules. 

For example at Vavoom Showroom, one particular couple were searching for Kitchen Bar Stools for 2 years as they experienced great difficulty in matching colours and styles to existing home timbers.

You can continue to decorate choosing one particular style for your whole house or a room as pics below, 

   French Provincial is a very soft palette and romantic look but requires rigorous and prolonged search to match furniture and decorator items to achieve the look.

Or you could choose another mono style - below

Vavoom Glamour Decor - Favouring Old Hollywood Glamour of stars such as, "Come up and see me sometime" fame - Mae west.

The Glam style has combined Shaynna Blaze - Tempered Glass Top Console Table - Antique finish mirror bedside table - Killarnery gold leg finish side table - Shaynna Blaze Collection Print ++


even the Scandinavian look which is so relaxing 

 Simply Scandi Decor Style - Combines Twist Oak Queen Bed, Danish Oak Veneer Side Table, Danish Style plywood Bedside, Eddie Botha Indian Ink Framed Print ++

But it may take some time to match timbers and styles

Thus the common problem of little time with quick decorating efficiency required.

Where there is a common problem a solution usually exists.

Bingo the emergence of Eclectic decor!

Warehouse apartment Eclectic mixture of styles and colours

What exactly does Eclectic actually mean?

Eclectic is a mixture of textures, styles, time periods, trends and colours with unifying themes

Caution here: Eclectic does not mean a chaotic combination of furniture and homewares merely thrown together.

Why has it emerged? The popularity of Eclectic styling can be due to 3 factors; not being forced to choose one particular style and follow it by the book. Secondly being able to collect a myriad of pieces you absolutely love and then combine them in your home. Thirdly, Eclectic decor reflects your individual personality style through your decor choices with total ultra confidence. Your statement is, "This is me, this is my own brand of style, like no other."

Eclectic Dining Room

With an eclectic decor you are saying to the world at large, "I have thrown away the rule books that state that I must stay true to Scandi, Industrial, Modern, French Provincial or Glamour styling and am choosing pieces which I love and have managed to place them together so uniquely that very few people can emulate my particular decor.

Eclectic suits the Australian ethos of getting away with something, a sense of personal freedom and more importantly with the younger decorators - no one telling ME what to do.

So how do you create Eclectic Styling in your home successfully?

First anchor the space with furniture pieces you already possess or if you are starting from scratch look at your budget and start researching either online or physically through stores

Golden rule here is when you see a piece you love, buy it. Don't overthink it. Styling is not about over thought, but intuition, an unexplainable feeling within you that guides you towards purchasing this item or that one.

If you have a modern apartment and lots of white walls and surfaces you will need to add soulful pieces. A dark timber dining table would be just glorious. The darker colours earth your space and give you a sense of belonging in your home.

Product image  Brooklyn Dining Table 2 metres has beautiful reclaimed mixed timbers - $1709 VIP 

The Brooklyn also has matching benches which can be tucked under if space is at a premium - 180 cms Bench Vavoom VIP $656 

Product image

Or choose the Loft Dining Table which has been extremely popular and now On Sale! RRP $1679  -  Sale Price $1069

Product image                      Product image Add a Cameroon Headdress worn during Royal occasions and reputed to bring wealth into your home $650

Now you are heading towards an Eclectic Style - Industrial + Africana exotic - mixing shapes and textures

Alternatively Add Abstract Art - Blue Love - Resin - large Canvas - $3500. A lifetime investment in beautiful Art

Product image 


Next a rug 

Product image Circular Hemp Rug $149


Product imageCowhide Rug Caramel and white $634 - easycare - if stained wash with soap & water 

 Now dining chairs

French Provincial Noah Dining Chair French Provincial Dining Chair $373 


Retro Leather Dining Chair Retro Leather Dining Chair $254 

Rasa Dining Chair Rasa Dining Chair $392


Next focus is a sofa or occasional chairs

Luxe Retro 3 Seat Sofa - Blue  Luxe Retro 3 seat Sofa $1529 

Loco Occasional Chair & Ottoman-Blue Loco Occasional Chair and Ottoman $990

Galan Rattan Timber ArmchairGalan Rattan Armchair $392

Pola Rattan Armchair - BrownPola rattan armchair - Brown $323

Sheepskin Rug - Taupe Add the luxurious sheepskin in taupe $175 and you have added style and luxe texture economically - throw it on the back of a chair or on the floor

Now you may need a bookcase or Display Unit

If you love Industrial furniture as most people do currently, some are even recycled boatwood. Can you imagine rather than increase the landfill they actually rework boats into desirable furniture pieces which can sit in your home? Add a Shelf unit on one wall. some of the most popular are....

Product image Atelier Industrial Sideboard ( seen in the picture above at Vavoom ) VIP $1754

If your apartment is period styling and dark in some areas choose lighter furniture such as Scandic -

Product image

Annecy Console Table $1100


Hamptons look Manto Console RRP $1089 Vavoom VIP $980

or glass top Console Table - Lily Stainless Steel Tempered Glass Console Table VIP $653

Product image

If you like classic perennial style furniture that is so comfortable and easy care -  Eclectic style: A leather sofa   

Product imageJacob 2 Seat Soft Leather and very comfortable VIP $2960


Choose Pure Retro 3 Seat Sofa VIP $1384 - for easy on your budget  

 If you have open plan and you have placed an industrial piece, could you place a velvet chair for luxe and texture differentiation near it?

Product imageEmperor Velvet Armchair VIP $1089

Or the classic elegance of a Sloane chair? VIP $1429 

Now throw an Icelandic throw over the chair $319 and add a couple of cushions.

Part 2 to be continued on the next Blog