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Interior Styling Service

So you've found yourself the perfect space and now you're looking to decorate it in a unique style that is personal, practical and affordable. We know how daunting a blank canvas can be, but fret not, Vavoom is here to help!

You can count your lucky stars, as you have come across the coolest bunch of award-winning interior designers and stylists you could wish for. We are global nomads, lovers of the eclectic and are inspired by unique, quirky and unusual design. We design spaces that tell stories, reflect your character, evoke emotions and resonate with good vibes. So fear not, your space won't look like a catalogue or staged showroom, we will work closely with you to curate an ambience that oozes style, comfort and personality without compromising on quality or budget. Your friends will be positively green with envy when they see your space.
Do you like what you hear?

Well let us tell you how we work:

1. Simply start by clicking the button to fill in the consultation form below with some basic contact details and our award-winning senior designer will schedule an initial consultation with you that can be done via Skype, email or telephone. The initial consultation costs $299. OK we lost you, hold on, don't go just yet! That initial consultation fee can be redeemed towards any furniture purchase made with us and will be deducted from your final invoice. How cool is that? We are basically working for you for free, on the house, nada, gratis! You're welcome.

2. Once we've had a good chat about your requirements, we will share inspiration and ideas before we start working on the magic so as to ensure we are all working in the same creative direction.

3. We will produce a detailed moodboard for you that includes colour schemes, styles and inspirational imagery as well as a furniture and accessories list that we suggest will achieve that look and feel. This list is by no means set in stone! Feedback is welcome, and we will refine accordingly. We work with you to make sure the end result is a design that makes you swoon with delight.

4. Finally, we invoice you for the furniture and accessories, deducting the initial consultation fee. You'll have heaps of payment options including Paypal and interest-free payment terms through Zipmoney (over $1,000).

5. Bam! You are ready to receive your gorgeous furniture and accessories. How easy was that?

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