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Modern Furniture

Modern or contemporary furniture radically changed from heavy, dark wood to an architect precision focus on functionality, simplicity, smoothness of surface and avoidance of ornament in the 19th Century.  The modern goal was to capture timeless, beauty, precision. Patterned fabrics moved from visually heavy to visually light. Originality, technical innovation and present and future focused home decor became the trend.

Progressively, Functionalist designers, architects of home décor, spent excessive hours on design, considering all elements of the human/ décor interaction, deliberating on features, such as shape, colour, and size and how they could conform to the human posture.

Vavoom’s range of Modern Furniture encompasses some of the modern Mirrored range, it includes  the Experience timber range which is pared down design.  Modern furniture includes  funky tables, bedheads, chairs that are either ergonomically designed for supreme comfort as the Mei chair and stool, or simple and functional as the Style Plus Aged Leather Armchair is. The Ollie range with its clear defined, design lines. The glorious and much admired Mols designer furniture that has universal appeal. The Tropica, funky range, with imaginative shapes and colours. Some of the Twist range that has been designed for Interior designers with its precise and coveted elegance.