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Create a Highly Inviting Bed - Unstructure it!

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Our glorious bed, the centre of our lives, where we sleep, relax, nurture ourselves, think, dream night and day and plan our lives.

Have you noted the way bed making has evolved over the years?

We moved from a model hospital or hotel room bed style, stiff, formal sheets tucked in tightly, blankets on the bed and a decorative cover. We had a reluctance to get in at night to avoid upsetting the ramrod straight sheets that controlled our bodies. Some people would zig zag into the bed from the pillows down and breathe a sigh of relief when the sheets and blankets maintained the tight and firm rigour.

Then we progressed to doonas stemming from Viking times in Northern Europe. The memorable Andersen's tale of the "Princess and The Pea" where the princess lay on 10 duvets to test her sensitivity to the Prince. Ahh the luxury of feathers and down. We began to relax the controlled made up bed of firm smoothness, of course still visibly wrinkle free.

The trend once freed up continued to evolve and was followed by adding more pillows on the bed yet still maintaining a stiff and generally uninviting place to relax.Smooth covers and pillows standing at stiff attention, saluting us.

Then Kip & Co arrived and turned the bedding industry on its head. Bold designs, bright colours, velvet luxe, lifestyle pics with gorgeousness all round. They offered luxury bedding at an affordable price that the general public could afford and enjoy luxuriating in.

Product imageKip & Co Sketch Quilted Pillow Cases $39 ON Sale At Vavoom

Product imageTidal Mauve Quilt Cover - Reverse side Radio Waves $99 On Sale Vavoom

Product image                                            Product image

Swish Swash Quilt Cover - Reverses to Strokes $199 On Sale Vavoom 

Product image                     Product imageStrokes Round Cushion $59 On Sale

Progressively they freed up the bed's former hospital style, controlled environment or the hotel stiffness ( super clean and no one has slept in this bed prior to your arrival look?? )  to a place to go to anytime and relax; creating a warm, luxurious bedroom ambience that beckoned you continually.

They added an array of glorious colours mixed together as never before, bold throws, cushions with fringes, several mixed colours that were vastly contrasting, beautiful and eye catching and looked so fantastically, shockingly good.

Customers were enchanted. In short Kip & Co created a new fairy story. "The Princess / Prince and their luxurious enviable and inviting bed in affordable luxury." 

More recently Kip & Co have created a new trend, the throw together look of a cacophony of colours, fabrics, 100% pure woven French flax cotton sheets, doonas one or two on the bed, ala Viking style.They added incredibly bright and bold throws with large curtain size contrasting and utterly yummy tassels. Varying shapes - Euro cushions, Pea cushions all on the bed at the same time as the horizontal pillows of old.

The new look has seduced us. We no longer pull the covers tightly smoothing out any wrinkles but just add more beautiful contrasting pillow cases, two or three throws simultaneously on the bed or the more cushions the better the look. More importantly they have created a new trend of the "Unmade up Bed looking Cool look."

Product image                           Product imageKip & Co Tassel Emerald Tassel Throw $269 at Vavoom 


Product imageStrawberry Cake Tassel Throw $269 at Vavoom

Product image          Product image

Kip & Co Aqua Tassel Throw $269 at Vavoom

An inviting bed that is so cool, so seducing, so on trend, to invite you to never make your bed again; add cushions, throws, colours, shapes and sizes for livable and enviable luxury