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Eclectic Decor - Personalize it so no one can Copy Your Style?

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Your home and its contents reflect YOU and your personality, thus you need to invest time and money to create an ambience that inspires, pleases or relaxes you.

So let's look at your basic Personality Type. Are you an Introvert ( excited by thoughts ) or an extrovert ( inspired by people?)

Generalising here - many Introverts prefer a calming and harmonious home decor with a splash of colour or focuses in their home.

Extroverts from High Extroverts to Less Extroverted may like a more WOW look that either inspires them or impresses guests.

A different perspective on home decor of course taking a very broad spectrum

So the Eclectic look generally that may please Introverts could be a soothing decor like Scandi style with points of focus, Hamptons or Industrial and environmentally aware

While the High Extrovert may gravitate towards Glamour Style, African , Modern or all decor styles combined 

So if you have now ascertained that you are an Introvert - less excited by people generally or you and your partner fit into the Introverted / Extroverted spectrum as a couple - go Eclectic 

Let's work with your style and add the required touches to achieve Eclectic Decor in your home

Starting with basic Scandi which is often a calming beige look - elegant - timeless 

1965 rerun of  Bob Hope and Tuesday Weld movie "I'll Take Sweden' decor was gloriously Scandi then and little has changed since that time. Thus using a Scandi basics look could be an economical investment for you

Our Stylist Anita achieved this look using these Vavoom products


Twist Queen Bed - OakTwist Queen Size Bed $2204 Vavoom VIP Danish Style Plywood Side TableDanish Style Plywood - Made in Italy  $625 Danish Lamp Table + ShelfDanish Oak Veneer Lamp Table $341 VIP Africana White Zulu Head - In VavoomAfricana Ceramic Zulu Head $419 VIP

Original Artwork - Eddie Botha - Celebratory (in Vavoom showroom)Much admired and coveted Eddie Botha framed Indian Ilustration - Original $1500

Lace Throw White Crocheted Lace Throw  in white or cream crochet $189 Fluffy White sheepskin Rug White Sheepskin VIP $175

 Now let's add the Eclectic style of decor to this Scandi bedroom scene:

We need differentiation in either colours. shapes, style, eras and be able to group them together for maximum Eclectic effect 

Choose any of these 4 chests to add to your Scandi basics:

Antoinette 3 Drawer ChestFrench style - Antoinette 3 Drawer Chest VIP $1162   or Atelier Industrial Chest - 6 Drawers - YellowIndustrial recycled - Atelier Industrial Chest 6 Drs $1628          Glamour Manhattan 6 Drawer Chest - Glamour Manhattan 6 Drs Chest VIP $2079 or 

Hollywood Glamour 

Ebony Chest - New!Ebony Black Chest $2189 

Now group mirrors together on one wall - so on trend - Eclectic style

Berry Wall Mirror $412 + Flower Rattan Mirror $149 French provincial Motif Noir Mirror VIP $644

          French Provincial Motif Noir Mirror

Rattan Framed Flower Mirror Spike Wall Mirror - Antique Silver

Add a bedroom chair so you can sit and admire your Eclectic decor 


Designer Saffron & White Armchair - Modern Style Designer Saffron & White Armchair VIP $827 

or Texture and Luxe   Pale Pink Emperor Velvet WingbackEmperor Velvet Chair - VIP $1089 in soft pink

Throw rugs are a must:

throw rug for the  chair or on the bed -  if adding Manhattan chest or Ebony Glass chest - drape

 Africana Zebra Ebony ThrowAfricana Zebra throw $230

If you choose the industrial or French chest Snowdrift ThrowSnowdrift throw with loads of texture and interest $295 - coveted by many. Such an outstanding throw so satisfying to run your fingers through it.

Cushions for the bed and chair will bring your whole Eclectic decor together:

Several on the bed and one for the armchair 

Africana Hluhluwe Earth Tone CushionAfricana Hluhluwe Cushions Set / 2 $169  Africana Mock Suede+Split Goose Feathers CushionAfricana Mock suede Goose Feathers $239 or 

Africana Leopard Bush Brown Cushion Set/2Africana Leopard Bush Brown Set / 2 $169  Black Velvet Cushion - Rectangle Black velvet cushion Sale - $79 

There you have Eclectic Bedroom Decor commencing with a basic Scandi look transformation 

Try it!


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